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  1. **** the saints
  2. Fire Sark or we won’t be competitive next season
  3. You a fool
  4. This is dumb we got Julio sanu colman freeman Ryan and can only come up with 10 points get off sarks balls
  5. You don’t know football. Dude been calling college plays all year. Can’t design plays to get people open and passes 4 times on the goal line.
  6. Then there is no reason for me to watch next year
  7. This won’t matter if we keep sark
  8. You a clown hooper Gabriel Beasley and tru.
  9. You mean the OC calling college plays that can get receivers open. When was the last time we ran a slant! Did we even use play action in this playoff game
  10. If Sark didn’t have all the talent we has he would of been shut out all season. This guy is hot garbage a roll out and no runs on 1st and goal!!! that last call was summed up our whole season
  11. We need a new oc next season dumb play calls