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  1. Dan Quinn was a hot name at the time but had no idea how to coach a team. Especially when it came to the fundamentals such as being disciplined and consistent. We need a coach who can build a team of coaches that will focus on fundamentals, discipline, consistency and strength. We have to get this right for Matt and Julio they deserve one good coach.
  2. Man this team is so **** hard to watch. You know they are going to lose. They can't finish. It's horrible. We have so much talent yet so poorly coached.
  3. Its about legacy and at the end of the day Julio and Matt will only be remembered for 28-3 just like Kirby will be remembered for 4th and infinity for a national championship
  4. Dogs, Falcons, Braves. The coaches and players are rich, stat kings, and can whoop my butt. Unfortunately they have no resolve, fight. They are soft, weak and its Guaranteed they will fold under pressure. From Alabama's 4th and 99, 28-3, now 3-1 up on the Dodgers. These beta males will find a way to lose. F*** em all
  5. Belichick consistently has good teams with less talent because he can coach. All we need is competent coaching and we are competitive next year.
  6. we have to worry about our ownership. He is no spring chicken We should of kept Mike Smith
  7. Even if we win I have no confidence in this team. No consistency. Poor coaching
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