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  1. I got kids sports I can watch that's more competitive. Now that we know Quinn is staying no need to get worked up over a lost season. No need to pay $200 each for decent seats to see a 1-7 team. I'll be back for after Quinn is fired.
  2. This team can **** a **** so hard that they **** and **** oh and **** Blank for the worst 5 years of **** football I have ever seen. ****!
  3. Hopefully the stadium is empty and nothing but Seahawks fans so Blank gets the message
  4. Not cute! Matt has had 3 soon to be 4 different coaching staffs and still has been as consistent as he could. He has never had a consistent offensive line or defense for most of his career. With all that he has only missed 2 games in his career and has been one of the most successful QBs in the league with incompetent coaching.
  5. We need a real coach this time
  6. We got more talent and that team was 4 - 12. We not winning another game.
  7. They getting paid and don't care about legacy
  8. I feel like we need someone who not buddy buddy and demands discipline heart. I want to see someone yell sometimes.
  9. We can't let a consultant firm pick our next coach
  10. Tired of these ******* Quinn has been THE worst hire we have ever had hands down. They all can suck a ****.