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  1. Now I got a warning for talking about Sark and my 3 page thread closed. Waiting for mods to close this thread as Sark is not to be discussed.
  2. What kind of improvments do we need to see since we are stuck with him?
  3. Look what Philadelphia did with coaching. Sark has no idea what he is doing
  4. Sark was calling backyard plays. Might as well jumped on ps4 and asked Madden.
  5. Roll out on 4th down is all the analysis I need. no whining just facts buddy
  6. Sark has no idea what he is doing
  7. What is Sark doing with our offense this offseason!!!
  8. Like I said coaching
  9. Foles baby he won the super bowl
  10. Team has too much talent not to expect greatness.
  11. With sark calling plays fans already know what’s up and can’t get excited.
  12. 28 - 3 and losing is all about coaching son. Roll outs with the game on the line is all about coaching. Getting rocked by the pats after the super bowl choke is all about coaching. You should be crying not laughing