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  1. Like I said coaching
  2. Foles baby he won the super bowl
  3. Team has too much talent not to expect greatness.
  4. With sark calling plays fans already know what’s up and can’t get excited.
  5. 28 - 3 and losing is all about coaching son. Roll outs with the game on the line is all about coaching. Getting rocked by the pats after the super bowl choke is all about coaching. You should be crying not laughing
  6. Like I said it’s all about coaching why extend Ryan make him take a cut and fire Sark
  7. Got back ups winning the Super Bowl. It’s all about coaching.
  8. Sark sucks
  9. How many times are they going to run that play
  10. We could have the best line in the league giving Ryan 10 seconds in the pocket but if the coaching is trash we will look the same as this year
  11. Falcons ain't doing **** with Sarks backyard street ball offense. Our only hope is Knapp takes over.
  12. Falcons will never do it with Quinn sticking to his good old boy network hiring trash coordinators and pissing away our talent