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  1. It's worse when you get there and blow it. 25 point lead. **** any previous Falcon coach could hold that
  2. Never seen such bad luck with a team
  3. Most heartbreaking losses in our history!
  4. I was here for Petrino and he didn't blow a 25 point lead in the super bowl, start a season 6-0 and finish 8-8. Lose the greatest offense we ever had and couldn't beat a backup QB. This season even with all the injuries no ol or dl.
  5. Quinn has without question reigned over the worst stretch of Falcon football I have ever seen. Just wasting all our talent and taking money.
  6. Needs some beef up front. Ryan getting killed.
  7. Trash bruh don't no fans ever talk about Auburn ever another 28 point choke by a Georgia football team.
  8. Lol worst call of all time. Punt OMG
  9. All hype but can't coach under pressure. You punt that ball. **** he doing!! All Georgia football is cursed!!!
  10. Dude converted to 4th down plays