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  1. Has anyone mentioned the Saints might win the Super Bowl in our house this year...lol...might happen. If I was a player, this would be all I need to make sure I do everything I can to see that this doesn't happen.
  2. As stated in a previous thread, if we dont better on the oline, then what does it matter who we have in tbe back field or as QB.
  3. just bad decisions on the oline. Either get bigger and more physical on the oline or just trade Matt, Julio and Ridley. It's a waste of talent being on this team.
  4. who cares what he says, he is garbage and lack the physical intensity of a man. Shots fired!!!!!
  5. lol, no. We are just bad luck! Need new management to change culrure of over 60 years of bad decisions and bad luck.
  6. better yet, I say he catch a td in the endzone before Julio.
  7. This team always does something to amaze me in one way or another so I will wait to pass judgement after the draft.
  8. I saw some houses in Fort Mitchell and it seems you get more square footage for your buck. I'm going to do the stadium tour today.
  9. yes what area? I want a three car garage too but not a must if sitting on acreage. send me pics.
  10. just got back from a 2 hour tour in Columbus, Midland areas. Midland has some nice homes but seems way out from convenience shipping like gas and groceries.
  11. seems to be alot of historic buildings under development.
  12. Sorry mods I know this is not the correct area but I think we get more traffic here. I'm retiring next year from military and thinking about relocating to Columbus GA for a job. I've heard mixed reviews about this area but would like to know your guys opinion about the area, raising kids and falcon fan base in the area. i love small towns with a sense og big citu life. Im here now looking around and plan on attending a tour at the stadium maybe tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
  13. B**ch please. We don't need to give anyone a reason to throw **** back in our face. We need to keep under the radar.
  14. Matt Ryan yes but not Quinn unless he changes his coaching style by being more aggressive and smart on game management.
  15. yes it does. Real bad. we gift wrapped it and gave it away. will be forever remembered
  16. It's embarrassing enough that we blew the Super Bowl and we (fans) have to take deal with it the most and now you cry about someone talking smack, even more embarrassing. Get pissed on the field and win US a super bowl. Lame as Fucs!!!
  17. I was laughing so hard watching them have to run back out the tunnel.
  18. Somebody needs to create a gif with them taking a picture. lol
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