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  1. I am not anti Matt Ryan but he is one of the many weaknesses we have. Defense is doing all they can to keep us in the game but we keep shooting ourselves in the foot. Without Julio it seem we can't stretch the field.
  2. i knew they would lose..im surprised they put a few good plays tigether late in the game. Defense is still terrible and we should be able to win a few games with our offense pitting up 20 to 30 points.
  3. there is a positive....i had to bench Gurley and picked up Edmond off the waiver because i knew he would do well against us.
  4. We are the worst team in the NFL. We make scrubs look like Hall of Famers.
  5. We are the worst team in the NFL. We make scrubs look like Hall of Famers.
  6. This team is tough to watch and as a fan i rely do enjoy watching them play but not lately.
  7. that **** was not a catch!! thats why theyvran a quick play.
  8. Peyton has a good reputation, he will not mess that up by having anything to do with this crap as organization.
  9. Trade him, why waste talent here. Lets rebuild. Just kidding, he should suffer like all of us.
  10. This team is bad, really bad. No discipline and no sense of urgency. There is only one thing that can these first few games not as bad, and thats firing Dan Quinn.
  11. Our issues are repeated year after year. Even with new coaches and new players we still look like the same old Falcons! We have had good enough teams in the past to win a Super Bowl but we end up showing who we really are. I agree it starts with the head coach but our problem is bigger than that. Its the culture of our organization, soft, unprepared and lack of talent in key positions. Most of our guys would be 2nd or 3rd string on other teams. How can we change? What is the answer?
  12. Dan Quinn is a joke to Sean Payton!!! We need Blank to start handing out pick slips and rebuild this team the right way.
  13. I like Ridley but do you trust him in that situation or same play with Julio? Ridley does seem to stretch the field more.
  14. Ryan almost gave the game away with forcing throws in double coverage. We have so many other variables that can cost us games, we dont need Ryan adding to this with interceptions. We should have had at least 17 more points. Im glad we won against a tough Eagles team that always give us ****. Even though half their team was hurt. Saints lost and Falcons won. A good week!!!
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