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  1. Not terrible but not a good decision to throw it in that situation.
  2. I dont think Ryan can handle the trash talking by the Aints. They really get into his head.
  3. Cannot blame Raheem for this garbage *** team poor execution, and although is the head coach, he might not have the power to fire Dirk as interim head coach.
  4. We cant stop nothing on crucial downs unless we are lucky. Think Im going Christmas shopping and listen on XM radio.
  5. The offense has to help out the defense, otherwise, whats the point.
  6. I like our offense better with Hill at RB and bring in Gurley for third downs and goal line offense.
  7. Great win! It was also great to see the players hyping each other up and having fun.
  8. This team is bad. Just wasting a good TG game. Almost like the Lakers wasting a good Lebron game Friday night.
  9. We need a win today Hopefully the football Gods will have mercy on us.
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