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  1. Im glad they took him out, with that weak a** Oline. I hope they take him out alot in the regular season, let Yates go out there and run for his life.
  2. it's string defense was fast. I'm not use to seeing plays like this in preseason
  3. We should boycott this team and insist they make changes. Not only is the coaching staff ruining this team but it's making the city look bad *** ****.
  4. I agree, it's tough to watch them play and to see how the Bears fans took over the dome today was a disgraced.
  5. Defense hasn't improved at all. Yet we continue to say mike Nolan is this master mind.
  6. No pressure and terrible coverage on the first look of our defense. These rookies better get ready quick because we can't wait til the 4th quarter.
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