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  1. Just adding a little fuel to the fire. 😆
  2. Yep it is hard..when you stand there like a deer in headlights.
  3. I wasnt trying to make a great thread but only to highlight one of our issues on this team and not criticize someone for their opinion. Oh well..I'll take Matt Ryan throws two interceptions next week Alex.
  4. Just people settling for mediocrity in here.
  5. He is the check down King!! Just so many issues.....is the play calling at least sending guys dkwn field? Are they getting open? All valuable statements from everyone but something has to change now.
  6. I agree but we are not the only team without an offense line, the QB is smart enough to roll out the pocket to escape the pressure and haveva quick release. We need this until the OL is fixed. You guys have to agree with that.
  7. I agree, most times he will take a sack. No trolling..Im a nig fan but we just need to see something different at QB.
  8. Cannot throw 40 yards down field and does not have good pocket awareness. Uf you only compare yesterday's game to last week game, of course he improved. The TD pass to Ridley was a great catch than a great throw.
  9. I get the feeling that Arthur Smith will bench Matt Ryan if he continues to show regression. Question is...will he do it before we have no chance of making the playoffs?
  10. At this rate, Arthur Smith might throw Ryan under the bus for not being an effective QB.
  11. Run game has picked up and defense is showings of signs of improvement.
  12. The Ciroc Watermelon is pretty good. Might help for next week.
  13. Play calling has been horrible. Smith has not been calling plays to get our guys open. The running game been be decent but thats about it. Not one deep ball thrown.
  14. Win now mode...lmao. What does that even mean for this team. We were in a win now mode after the Super Bowl collapse.
  15. I wouldnt put Ryan over anyone in that list and Im not a Ryan hater 🤷‍♂️
  16. Just wanted to stop by and drop a LMAO @ this thread. Finishing 13 and 4..be for real and stop setting yourself up for disappointment. 13-4 😀
  17. Our depth has always been a problem for us. Nothing has changed.
  18. I think he would definitely get rid of Ryan if he did come here. He is not really good at developing QBs.
  19. What are your guys thoughts on Doug Pederson for head coach here. The guy won a Super Bowl 3 years ago and he is fired already. Everyone is anxious to win right now and no time for rebuilding.
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