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  1. I think he would definitely get rid of Ryan if he did come here. He is not really good at developing QBs.
  2. What are your guys thoughts on Doug Pederson for head coach here. The guy won a Super Bowl 3 years ago and he is fired already. Everyone is anxious to win right now and no time for rebuilding.
  3. It would be great if we blow them out, just because its Tom Brady.
  4. Even if Trevor or Justin is available, I willbe surprised if they take a QB in the first round.
  5. With all the crap, we have the ball with a chance. What will we do we with it?
  6. The ball was there for only Gabe to make a play on it.
  7. This team just ****s your whole Sunday up and starting the work week with this BS.
  8. Not to take away from a good day he is having but that was two TDs today where thr ball hung in tbe air.
  9. Hey at least we are closer to the season being over and we can talk crap like we will be a playoff team next year this off season.
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