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  1. I like Ridley but do you trust him in that situation or same play with Julio? Ridley does seem to stretch the field more.
  2. In a close game that we should have been up by 24 or so.
  3. Ryan almost gave the game away with forcing throws in double coverage. We have so many other variables that can cost us games, we dont need Ryan adding to this with interceptions. We should have had at least 17 more points. Im glad we won against a tough Eagles team that always give us ****. Even though half their team was hurt. Saints lost and Falcons won. A good week!!!
  4. matt Ryan is the leading rusher for us, lol
  5. Everything is bad about this game so far but I think we will pull it together, hopefuuly before the 4th quarter
  6. I'm really glad Quinn has taken over this defense.......maybe this will get him fired.
  7. I agree. It seems like we are running more schemes to get pressure on the QB. Thats a plus.
  8. saints are just butt sore. All this talk about the no call but no one is talking about the interception that Brees threw that was more of a factor.
  9. This might be an older video but it is still relevant to today's sorry *** Falcons.
  10. I'll take McCarthy over Quinn. Quinn is just riding the coat tail of our offense. He needs to develop the defense. Now we will see how much I fluency he can provide to our defense since he is in charge.
  11. Please no!!! Should of kept Sark if this is the best we could do.
  12. Thank you Lord!!! I think Quinn was told to make changes or they will be made for him. These guys were stealing money. I am ok with Ryan taken 1 or 2 years to learn a new system than watching the guys not being held accountable. Great news!!!
  13. I officially have a new Atlanta sports team.
  14. Quinn has mentally lost this time. I can tell this by not even watching the game. I'm at Sam's Club looking at electronics. Go Bulldogs! I mean Falcons, what's the difference?