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  1. saints are just butt sore. All this talk about the no call but no one is talking about the interception that Brees threw that was more of a factor.
  2. This might be an older video but it is still relevant to today's sorry *** Falcons.
  3. I'll take McCarthy over Quinn. Quinn is just riding the coat tail of our offense. He needs to develop the defense. Now we will see how much I fluency he can provide to our defense since he is in charge.
  4. Please no!!! Should of kept Sark if this is the best we could do.
  5. We need McCarthy or Kubiak.
  6. Thank you Lord!!! I think Quinn was told to make changes or they will be made for him. These guys were stealing money. I am ok with Ryan taken 1 or 2 years to learn a new system than watching the guys not being held accountable. Great news!!!
  7. I officially have a new Atlanta sports team.
  8. Quinn has mentally lost this time. I can tell this by not even watching the game. I'm at Sam's Club looking at electronics. Go Bulldogs! I mean Falcons, what's the difference?
  9. It's his team, if he doesnt make changes or force changes to be made by others, then that means he is ok with the excuses on why we suck. Top management is always responsible.
  10. I mean 10 years not 19. lol
  11. This team is bad with management issues that begins with Arthur Blank. We have coaches in key areas that lack the professional capability to enspire these guys to perform on the field. Football is all about outperforming your opponent mentally and physically. Not once have I seen Dan Quinn coach during the game and get involved. Sean Mcvay and Sean Peytin does this well. Quinn let's a no experience defensive and offensive coordinator coach during the game and he watches tape to find out why we failed "after the game". If Arthur plans to keep Quinn, then he needs to hold him more accountable and let him hang himself. Coaching and practicing is not carrying over to actual games. They need to spend less time dancing and laughing in practice and get serious. However this has always been an issue not with just the team but the entire organization. We need to change the culture, the brotherhood was a start but it does not result in creating a culture where we do not reward guys for doing half *** work. It is a waste if talent to have Julio and Ridley on this team. We will not win a super bowl within the next 19 years until we go through another rebuilding phase with a new coaching staff that can teach technique. We cant even tackle and hold the ball long enough to not fumble. I learned that in junior high school. Please stop making excuses for this team, our team sucks, our owner sucks, at least 75% of our players suck. we need an offense coach that is forced to coach during games. We need Shannahan back. Shannahan can replace Quinn and Sark and we won't miss a beat. Change the culture, change the team.
  12. They are what we thought they are
  13. game over pathetic *** team
  14. The pivotal moment was in the super bowl.
  15. Half of these priks I dont even know.