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  1. I would be very surprised if Gosset doesn’t start next week.
  2. Why is Ryan in the game 4-13? Are they trying to get him hurt?
  3. Here I fixed it for you. *Matt hasn’t had time to go through his progressions a single time today
  4. All these obnoxious eagles fans at BWW in Annapolis MD, make me want to vomit.
  5. Difference is eagles contact with us was 5 yards from the line of scrimmage and the guy was actively trying to avoid contact. Calvin just lowered his shoulder and tried to block a guy 15 yards downfield. buts it’s cool, we don’t need preseason
  6. Not understanding the 3 run plays and punt at the end of the half.
  7. We bit on too many option plays in the beginning. They are calming down now.
  8. Their defensive line is eating our offensive line. But the game is still 1 point. We clean up our oline we are right back where we need to be.
  9. If you had any thoughts our team wouldn’t need the offense to put up points every drive this season you were delusional. We will need to play with a lead and get turnovers to win games.
  10. I’m half joking. I do love Arts no sacred cow mentality though
  11. Cause he didn’t get those feet in bounds on his first target. gotta earn those snaps rook.
  12. We have Davis and Art has said all off-season Patterson is a RB. We also have Keith smith. we are fine.
  13. If you are picking 4, it needs to be 4 people who embodied the falcons culture and wanted to be here, didn't leave the team like a diva, and wasn't fired/traded/cut for poor performance. Ryan Tuggle Anderson White
  14. Yea, no kids yet and don’t have any relatives in college. Makes no sense they don’t offer it to everyone.
  15. Only in certain areas. I tried to get just Sunday ticket and they wouldn’t let me. realistically thier contract is up. ESPN/Disney will get the next contract starting next season I would wager.
  16. the only other player on the team from the 2016 season was Josh Harris. Makes since, didn't expect anyone else.
  17. I think, that the political climate of the country during the game is a big story and definitely played into the attitude and feelings of all evolved, especially within the Atlanta community. I didn't see any problem with it.
  18. its not even about backups. 60% of the people you saw in preseason aren't even on the team any more. We had undrafted guys who got cut playing against 1's and 2's who gives a **** about preseason?
  19. This whole series has been interesting and eye opening. There are so many head scratching monuments and salty memories here. It was interesting to see the history of the team broken down by season like that. I appreciated the history lessons from before I was old enough to know what the team had been through. It was cool to see the first season I remember watching as a kid, and then go through memory lane of every Sunday I sat in my chair and watched games as an adult. I recommend this series if you have time and haven’t watched it yet.
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