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  1. This is why I feel our defense is not as bad as we played last year. having Debo, Neal, and Allen all year, massively upgrades our defense. honestly I would love to see us move to three safeties on our base defense next year, look something like this. Dline: Takk, Grady, (draft pick first round DT), and Bruce Irvin Lb’s: Debo and Campbell Corners: Trufant and Oliver Safeties: Neal, Allen, and Kazee we would then have Beasly( if he restructures) Senat, Oluokun, and Poole as quality depth and rotational pieces. I can’t believe that that unit wouldn’t at least be top half of the league in stats
  2. My wife just surprised me with tickets for our anniversary. We were in Maryland to visit her parents. cant wait till tomorrow!!!
  3. Do you guys think starting guards and defensive ends just grow on trees? That we can just wish them into existence? there is no guard available at week 8 that can fix when your two starters go out on IR. Especially when that position was already a weak position on the team. and all the flashy players that just got traded for high draft picks, most of them are being traded for a REASON!!! i admit, “snacks” Harrison and Eric Reid could have helped this team. But I am not mad about missing out on anyone else who has gotten traded. It wouldn’t have mattered.
  4. He'll, why not. Trade this years first, next years first for obj, then trade ryan to the browns for 1 and 4. Take Mayfield and Chubb and win the SB
  5. I live in Raleigh and go to several state games a year. This guy is the truth. A legit superstar waiting to happen.
  6. Absolutely not. Peria Jerry anyone? Tell me that that was not a Mike Smith Pick. I have had this argument with myself since Mike was fired. How can you hate on the man that led us through the darkness of the Vicktrino saga. How can you not support our first back to back winning coach and all that he accomplished. I think the two games we lost last year due to horrible clock and time out management showed me the light. Mike Smith has held onto the coattails of Matt Ryan and Michael Turner into tricking the league into thinking he is a good coach. He simply was out coached in every game he stood on the sidelines for. Whether he was responsible for the draft issues or not, he was not a good NFL Head Coach. It is stupid to argue who's fault previous drafts were. It was a conglomeration of Smith, Dimitroff, and Nolans input that led to the past two years worth of talent dredge that we have been stuck in. Lets all just be happy it looks like it is over.
  7. May the hive sop dap be with you. Always