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  1. I think he is a slot corner. At least that’s what he wants to play. Part of the reason he wants out is they are playing him out of position. I don’t think Kazee is the problem in our secondary. If he was an upgrade to Oliver than I would love to see this happen, but I don’t think it will.
  2. I thought about this a lot too, if he was brought in to start, he has to be an upgrade over Wes. Then when we drafted Chris, it made him and especially his contract no longer necessary. I think they were stashing him and maybe looking for a trade partner to a team coming out of the first couple of weeks who needed a starting guard. Too bad that team ultimately ended up being us.
  3. Devonta Freeman has not played at a pro bowl level in like 3 years. Dude has been hobbled. Even before the super bowl he started to decline, and he was completely ineffective during that game. I feel like as soon as he got paid he became the second best back on our roster. #shouldhavekeptTeco
  4. I like this, but....... Senat, Riley, and Etling will all make the team. make the changes wherever you want, but I don’t see those three being cut.
  5. if we win a Lombardi, I think Matt becomes the 3rd highest rated qb on that list. brees, Brady, Ryan. wilson does not deserve his rating.
  6. Those deep balls were pretty. I know as fans we know how good Matt is, it just kills me how the media doesn’t give him enough credit. But really, after Brady retires, we are looking at having a few years of seeing the best quarterback in football on our team and hopefully the media will too.
  7. One concern I have after hearing that interview was when MM said that they were slimming down the information and simplifying some things in the hope to understand and play faster. is that New stuff from Koetter he is talking about? Or maybe Shannahans system? Because I certainly can’t remember any of us complaining about Sarkisians offense being “too complex and not simple enough” if anything we all were screaming the opposite. that’s a bit worrying for me.
  8. Ledbetter honesty sounds like an idiot on every video that gets posted on here, but in this one especially. He doesn’t even phrase his questions correctly. Such a shmuck On another note, has anyone heard someone ask Devonta about his relationship with Tevin and what it feels like to not have him here anymore? I would be curious to hear him talk about their relationship and if they are still close or not.
  9. Anyone got a link to where I can get that sweet Hat Matt is Rocking? And does it come in a flat brim?
  10. Western is my Alma Mater so I’m down for this no matter what!!!!!!!
  11. Do you love me?
  12. I’m pretty sure Kazee will get plenty of snaps at cb this year. With Rico and Neal back, Kazee I dare to say might be our best cornerback. i think Trufant, Oliver, and Kazee is a capable 1-3 and we will need to draft or sign some depth.
  13. Absolutely. It’s a no brainer for the Carolina Panthers. A virtual lock to replace Kalil
  14. I live in Raleigh I would bet my house that The Carolina Panthers draft him at 16 if he is there. Local radio talk is Carolina may have to trade up to get him. Absolutely no way he falls to 2nd round. He is a center converted from a tight end. I don’t think he could thrive at guard. He’s athletic as **** though, but is a pass for me at 14.
  15. If we could get Bosa, without giving this years second up, I would be on board. I would then also try to flip Beasley for a third and just draft the rest of this years draft in the trenches. A guard in round two, and then DT’s and OT’s the rest of the draft.