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  1. I'm pretty sure all those images are photo shopped. As such, you can't rely on the uniforms in that picture really meaning anything.
  2. trade back 5-8 slots and pick up a pick to replace what we lost in the Hooper trade. Then go nuts on linebackers and DLinemen I could dig it.
  3. We should absolutely take a stab at a one year prove it contract. I doubt Gurley will sign one, depends on the market for him. If he's willing to take a team friendly deal I don't see how it hurts us.
  4. That window slammed shut as soon as K Shanahan was out the door.
  5. I’m not concerned about the label that Fowler only had a good season because he was next to Donald. many of us have been pushing the idea that Grady is one of the best DT’s in the league not named Donald. If Fowler is going to succeed anywhere due to DT play, Atlanta would make sense. I also am very interested to see Cominsky get some more time. I like the idea of moving Takk inside and giving Fowler/Cominsky/Clayborn the edges.
  6. I was thinking about this today, Ben Garland had a great year in San Fran and really showed some potential when they had injuries. What is the likelihood we could bring him back to play left guard and potentially replace Mack down the line?
  7. Why would anyone trade for Brady? He is a free agent
  8. I would love to see us re-sign Vic at a more reasonable price, re-sign Hooper, and draft Linebacker/Cornerback in the first round. (no particular order or favorites) we can get back in by trading up using our second round picks. Im also ok with letting both Hooper and Vic walk and signing Fowler.
  9. I was around during the have hive sop dap post and it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read on this board. That was beyond bad grammar, I’m pretty sure some edibles were involved in that post.
  10. I’ve been on this board since I was in college in the early 2000’s, 2014 on this user name. I’m pretty sure that this was my first post correcting someone’s grammar, and it honestly came from reading about 5 posts on this board yesterday where people simply can’t write in the English language. I don’t think that makes me a grammar nazi, I will refrain from commenting on grammar in the future.
  11. No, I’m not a troll. I just find it hard to see someone’s point when they can’t use basic English on a written message board. I was honestly just trying to help the poster.
  12. “Know” and “Fare”
  13. I agree Hooper makes an impact, I like him as a player. but financially this team needs a break and we need to move some money from the offense to the defense. Hooper was slow to develop, we should have gotten the production we’re getting now, 3 years ago. Who is to say after he gets paid he doesn’t regress (see) you pay guys like Grady and Julio because the drop off to the next guy is steep. You let Hooper walk because we can get similar production from a much cheaper source.
  14. panthers are releasing Olson, do you think we could get him cheaper than Hooper?
  15. This argument is relative. There are so many variables that go into evaluating a players performance. Matchup, coaching, scheme, game plan, effort, etc. Sure the 49’ers beat the Vikings yesterday. A few weeks ago we beat the 49’ers. It doesn’t say or mean anything about the decision to let Person, Garland, Toilolo go in free agency.