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  1. Trade back for pitts, I’m cool with, if Sewell is gone at 4. only getting thirds for trading back is a joke. of we got An extra second this year, I’d swap two spots. I’d then trade back in to the late first and get either a left tackle, or a real running back depending on what the draft looks like.
  2. Anyone else pause it on the depth chart section? I saw some interesting things. I know it’s not completely up to date as Schaub is still on it, but I drew some conclusions. 1: Kazee is the number one FS Allen number two. 2: Hennessy is Mack’s replacement.(pretty much knew this, but there was talk of him at guard.) 3: LG is our biggest need (my opinion) 4: wish TF wasn’t covering the RB section.
  3. He also has had better offensive protection than Matt Ryan, funny how those two things seem to match up huh?
  4. If he gets us to the playoffs this year, he is the guy. He is literally one Todd Gurley brain fart away from being 4-0 as interim head coach.
  5. Maybe it’s because we tried to kill Teddy Bridgewater. Fowler with a cheap *** trip and then Harris trying to take his head off. those kinds of moves don’t make friends.
  6. This is what happens when contracts have escalators. there was no way Gurley wasn’t going to score. no excuse, he’s not a team player.
  7. We should be on the phone with Dallas right now working out a Matt Ryan deal. I love Ryan, I appreciate everything he has done for the franchise and for the community. He will not win a Super Bowl as an Atlanta Falcon. This team is only going to get worse as his and Julios salaries hamstring the team. As ****ty as it will be, we have to let him go. We have to get him on a contender, get whatever we can for him, and move on. For the future of the Franchise. I think Julio is worth hanging on to. What better offense for a rookie to step into than Julio and Ridley. It woul
  8. I think Foye has been our best defensive player this season. he definitely hits like a strong side linebacker should. i think we should rotate Neal in as a linebacker. and Oliver should ride the pine.
  9. I prefer McKinley, Senat, Jarret, Fowler Olouakun, Debo, Walker Terrell, Sheffield Hawkins, Allen(playcaller)
  10. He was a player DQ moved on from when he got here. Harry left in 2015, same year Quinn was hired. he also has contacts still on the team
  11. Is there any consideration or do you think the thought of retirement has crossed Matt’s mind at all? dudes got more money money than he will ever need. I’m sure he is not excited about another regime change, another scheme change. He knows he’s untradeable. Is there a scenario where he hangs it up after this turd of a season? Im sure it’s doubtful, he wants a ring as much as anyone, I just don’t see ATL sniffing a ring anytime in the near future.
  12. Like Isaiah Oliver, and Takk McKinley, or how about Vic Beasley, or Deadrin Senat, what about Thomas Decoud, or William Moore. Peter Konz, T. rex armed Baker, Peria Jerry, A Case could be made that TD literally made Maybe 7 franchise great picks in the what 12 years that he has been here. Ryan, Jones, Freeman, Mathews, Ridley, Deon Jones, Grady Jarrett. that’s 7 out of what 70+ picks. Everyone else he has picked has been a bust, a flash in the pan, still too early to tell, or plays somewhere else now. I wouldn’t call those numbers stellar. Not to mention player retention I
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