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  1. I wanted to wait to watch this when I had time to really absorb it. God, I forgot how exciting it was to watch him. I remember being a kid in high school in NC before the Panthers were formed and I absolutely idolized Mike Vick. He was what made me a Falcons fan. He truly was one of a kind. I hate how his tenure in ATL ended, but man was he a spectacle.
  2. Is this an act or do you seriously not understand that we traded Julio at his request? He was never going to take another snap as a falcon and Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot had nothing to do with that decision.
  3. two years ago we were pushing Sheffield like he was going to be an all pro. He will end up being CB4-5 on this team. Our corner situation is better than the national media is giving us credit for. Terrell will be better in year two and he was graded as positive last year. Moreau is an upgrade to last year. Oliver playing Nickel, has actually been decent, and I think he can continue to hold that position down. I also think Pee's stamp on the pass rush, will help the secondary. If Sheff gets back to his old form, and Hall or Williams steps up, we will be fine at CB. On paper Safety looks a
  4. With the amount of time I think we see 2 TE sets, and the emphasis I think we will see in the run game, + Cordarelle Patterson, I am 100% ok with our reciever depth. Ridley, Gage, Sharpe, Zaccheus, and I think Darby are going to end up being the top 5 and Matt has shown he can throw to anyone.
  5. Julio jones is not our backbone. He literally played like only 65% of the offensive snaps since he was drafted. He was an incredibly gifted athlete, but I didn't see Jerry Rice, Calvin Johnson, Antonio Brown, constantly on the sideline or taking plays off.
  6. 2020 NFL Advanced Passing | Pro-Football-Reference.com As already stated. This is misinformation
  7. I love Julio Jones and have enjoyed watching him play since we drafted him. I have always liked his work ethic and his tendency to stay out of the media headlines, (Not the norm for star Wide Receivers.) However, it is a fact that there have been stretches every season, where for whatever reason, (Maybe good defensive scheming by our opponents, a bad day by Matt, or I think Injury mostly) he seems to disappear from games on the stat sheet. Matt Ryan, while maybe not the best quarterback in the league, has played at a high level his entire career, no matter who he has been playing with. He
  8. Do we think Matt Ryan could be Arthur Smiths Ryan Tannehill? We never had a Ryan Tannehill before?
  9. He’s an undersized center, he would be abused at guard on the nfl level. I also think he’s better at center than hennessey. i think the Oline will be Matthews, New guy from Michigan,Dalmon, Lindstrom, and McGary, with Hennessey being backup center/guard and Gono being the swing tackle.
  10. Dalmon will start, he can’t play guard. Also we just resigned means, he’s not getting cut
  11. I don't see us picking Michael Carter, He's a scat back. we have patterson, we need a thumper, every down type back.
  12. The players on that poster are our core young players (except for Matt) it makes sense to include the young players that will be here longer on new promo material. especially Ridley and Pitts, in 2-4 years they will be the face of this franchise.
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