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  1. I am all in on picking Collins, Or Gregory.
  2. Petty and every other QB would be a wasted pick anywhere before round 5 IMO. I don't see 9 rookies making the roster either. I think the Saints trade up for Williams, Fowler, Dupree, Beasley, White, or Cooper. Unless the rumors are True about Gurley in the top 10, and Ray to the Falcons at 8, and the Vikings liking Kevin Johnson at 11 there is no way one of those players in that "Elite" category will drop to us and with this many picks and being just on the cusp at 13 to land one of the elite, I think the urge will be to great for Payton. I really think we will target one of these guys early. an ILB at the 31 or 44 pick (whichever is not involved in the trade). OL in the 3rd. If the Jets can't land Mariota I think they will trade back and try and land Gurley at 13 and let us jump up to 6 and have our pick at who we like best of Cooper, White, or Dupree. I think Fowler, Beasley, and Williams are gone after the QBs, but if one does fall, I think they will be the pick. Also would not mind Parker, Scherff, or Collins if we stay at 13. Cooper at 6 IMO. Payton can't pass up on a new toy.
  3. The best part about Loomis being GM, is listening to Falcons fans whine year in and out when we go ahead with business as usual. Loomis is going to clear 19 million cap dollars without cutting a single person! Its going to be glorious to come here when Junior, Jimmy, Jairus, and Curtis all accept the same amount of cash they were due in a roster bonus, but we will call it a signing bonus instead and spread the numbers over the duration of the contracts. It will be labeled by some of ya'll in some way as us screwing players out of cash etc. etc. But it will not change the fact that we will be under the cap, and the players will get everything they are owed. My favorite part of that article "General manager Mickey Loomis typically smiles and deflects almost all questions concerning the team's financial game plan. He has continuously said this offseason that the team's cap situation isn't as dire as it seems. Dismiss the annual narratives, and you'll find he's spot-on." I see it, you see it, people who follow the Saints see it. People who hate the Saints don't want to believe it. But its going to happen, and its going to be glorious.
  4. Who are these guys? 2 deals got reworked in 2013. Will Smith and Vilma took paycuts. Smith's gave us a 6 million dollar pay cut in 2013 for a chance to stay in the league. He would have been cut during the 2013 offseason had he not. His 2014 contract year did not change. Vilma also took a pay cut in 2013, and played out his final year of the contract. Smith was Cut the 2014 season. Roman Harper was never approached to restructure in 2013, and was cut in 2014. Malcom Jenkins played out his contract and was not resigned. Jabari Greer was cut because an injury forced him to retire. The Saints and him agreed to an injury settlement. Those were the big cuts in 2014, and the only person who you could possibly be talking about is Will Smith. Will Smith was also drafted by the Saints and paid handsomly for his 9 year contribution, and never caught on with another team (I.E. he was done in the league when we cut ties). SO it not like he was some FA we coaxed into signing with us only to cut him 2 years later to save money. The man's career was over.