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  1. I thought this would hit 50 pages for sure
  2. I think it's a good move if he can regain his 2013 form. A full year recovered ill go ahead and say that he gets 7 sacks
  3. Can you imagine how quiet the dome would have been without the fake noise? Depressing
  4. I just wanna know if it's been going on for the past two years why is this just being released now? Must've been an inside guy or the NFL trying to distract attention from deflategate
  5. Is there a rule against artificial noise? Why yes, yes there is.
  6. Steelers fans were louder in the dome than our own fans and artificialgate
  7. Yes I also think it is a glorious idea to buy PSL's now as they are selling fast. Please contact 218-838-0766 with credit card ready.
  8. I saw a stat that said Marshawn had 107 broken tackles this year.. The second closest was Demarco with 38 LESS broken tackles despite 120 MORE attempts. Mind boggling
  9. Still straight with the 🌳 and the 🍺 these days
  10. I was counting on the first part to get edited but I'll let it ride 🙈
  11. Told everyone to calm down romo pushes him to try to regain whatever big of alpha male he can Matt shakes his head and starts talking **** to Jimmy Graham. That's where I wanna know what was said
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