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  1. Hawks team defense is in the top 10. I would like to see a lineup like more: Trae, Hunter, Collins, Capella, Gallo Rondo, Huerter, Reddish, OO, Hill/Snell Gallo/Reddish can play minutes for both units.
  2. https://ramblinfan.com/2020/05/24/why-la-rams-base-3-4-defense-means-very-little/
  3. We have the personnel to run a 3-4 defense? Grady Jarrett is undersized to play a Defensive end in the 3-4 and better utilized to be an Under tackle in 4-3 base. Deion Jones is undersized to be a Mike linebacker in 3-4 defense and not good enough of a pass rusher to be an outside line backer in the 3-4. Dante Fowler also isnt a good enough of a pass rusher. We also dont have a nose tackle
  4. I just randomly picked the logo to stand out and to kind of be tongue and cheek.
  5. I am all for the workers getting paid well and having union rights, but the business models for UPS and Fedex couldn't function without USPS.
  6. Arthur Smith's father is the owner and founder of Fedex. Fedex sucks, but so does UPS. I support the USPS.
  7. I dont see anyone trading up unless teams fall in love with Zach Wilson that his stock values trends up and which case the Falcons should draft him. Otherwise in that scenario a team trades with the Dolphins to get Zach Wilson at 3.
  8. This swing is too long. Albies too he should just bat from the right side.
  9. Maybe some hope with Jansen pitching back to back inning
  10. Pache makes a catch and does nothing besides throw back it in. I hate seeing Bettis stupid *** jumping around like crazy.
  11. Just give Acuna and Freeman a chance to do something in the 9th is all I ask.
  12. That wasnt all that great of a catch by Betts
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