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  1. Since 1995....
  2. Thanks Holbrook lol
  3. Put your best toe forward
  4. DuvAaLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Get him in now and plus 2 more!!
  6. Donaldson Markakis Joyce We need a bloop and a blast
  7. ******* center
  8. ball dying everywhere
  9. Braves you need to IN PLAY, RUN(S)
  10. Ball isnt carrying in left either
  11. he would been safe if he didnt slide
  12. Lol stop hitting it to center
  13. So Snitker leaves Teheran off the postseason roster to have a 6 man bench and then proceeds to use 8 pitchers in the game, yes I know Martin was hurt, but still.
  14. Well this would not happen with Ender in the outfield
  15. Soroka has pitched 44 2/3 innings The Braves have played in 51 games 28-23 They will be playing game 53 on Saturday so he needs to pitch 8 1/3 innings. Which of course will only qualify him for one day until his next start.