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  1. Ryan can rest easy now, no one to threaten his roster spot. Throw as many pick sixes as ya want bud.
  2. Because input from posters weigh heavily on Dimitroff decision lulz. He brought in that scrub after interviewing him on skype. I expect no better this year and at best lateral moves. Feel sorry for Dan that he's tied to this bum. Thanks Arthur.
  3. I look forward to Dimitroff going through the "process" (Skype) and bringing in the next Ray Edwards.
  4. I think they were more shocked that a guy coming from a team with a sub .500 record was telling them to calm down.
  5. Mike Smith was inept on both sides of the ball so having an elite defensive coach is an upgrade.
  6. lulz face says it all, elite QBs don't have back to back 4-12 and 6-10 seasons. Even got wonderboy better protection but still couldn't make it happen.
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