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    Doobs reacted to ButSkiuup in Desmond Trufant hints at a more aggressive defense   
    No he will act like he got blocked out the play and let up. It’s funny how many people punk Trufant
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    Doobs reacted to TheFatboi in Im at training camp today   
    I buy my phones straight up and just do pre paid. I don’t do contracts. That’s how they get you. 
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    Doobs reacted to VTCrunkler in Deion Jones viewed as Atlanta Falcons X-factor   
    That’s more accurate.  But containing them is all I’m asking for. They can catch the ball but then get stopped for a short gain. None of this ripping off 30 yards at a chunk business 
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    Doobs got a reaction from VTCrunkler in Deion Jones viewed as Atlanta Falcons X-factor   
    Prob not going to shut them down, he’ll definitely help “contain” them tho. 
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    Doobs got a reaction from Southern California Liar in Happy Birthday JPowers!   
    You may have the rest fooled but not me 
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    Doobs got a reaction from Romfal in Happy Birthday JPowers!   
    You may have the rest fooled but not me 
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    Doobs reacted to JD dirtybird21 in Which player did Coach Quinn say would have a monster season   
    Man....80% of what coaches say in a press conference is a total crock. The realist coach is Belichick...and that's because he doesn't say ****. lol.
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    Doobs reacted to octoslash in Do you think the Patriots get special treatment from the referees?   
    The greatest players and the dynasties always get beneficial calls from officials.
    Greg Maddux would get that extra half inch off the corner of the plate, Michael Jordan, if anybody breathed within the same area code as him, got the foul shot.
    It's just part of sports, and teams have to overcome both the opponent and the officials sometimes.
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    Doobs reacted to FentayeJones in How Dan Quinn shapes Falcons: ‘I have to be a better person so I don’t disappoint Q’   
    I appreciate this insight because as I suspected a long time ago (and he confirmed in this piece) is that what DQ says in front of the media is not neccesarily what he says and does behind closed doors - and I dont blame him for that approach one bit. I'm sure his players and coaches appreciate it too. 
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    Doobs reacted to Ergo Proxy in Patriots Sign Veldeheer: Kaleb was their guy   
    Even if he wasn't, the Falcons predicted a run on OTs and got their guy ahead of the run. That part is a fact. It's exactly how round 2 went down. Run on CBs and OTs before pick 45.
    If you have a guy you want, you go get him.
    Just like with Lindstrom. Falcons 'may' have gone elsewhere had Wilkins or Bush fell to 14, but they weren't going to trade up in round 1. Instead, they optimized according to how the board was falling vs runs on positions. Big board shook out as Lindstrom; after the run on DL left it between him or trading down at 14 more than likely.
    Patriots moves don't have to validate the Falcons. lol
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    Doobs reacted to kiwifalcon in Missed This Dude -   
    3 or 4 that do a bit more defensively.
    Debo Neal Beasley Jarrett there my player Xs on defense If we can create enough around them so these guys can create more havoc I’m all for it.
    Kazee down the track ok.
    Im even think we may see a bounce back year from Trufant himself and Beasley no there under the gun.
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    Doobs reacted to Ovie_Lover in Missed This Dude -   
    We were in the playoffs '16 and '17
    Earl was in the playoffs in '15
    How is that even?
    Stop comparing the playoff games and just do regular season like any normal person. There's a reason playoff stats don't get counted or when someone mentions it they say *including playoffs* but those stats don't go in the record books. They'll go in the playoff records because they count it as an entirely different season. A season some players don't have the privilege to have.
    12 TO by Earl (just regular season idk where you got 11)
    6 By Rico
    Earl doubles Rico.
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    Doobs reacted to ROMERO in Falcons draft Charleston DE John Cominsky   
    I swear yall complain about every pick. Good lord thank god yall are not the running the team. 
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    Doobs reacted to ChickenBiscuit in Under TD The Falcons have Drafted Mostly White Offensive Lineman   
    I'm pretty sure that's just because there are more overall white linemen in the NCAA than black ones, correct? 
    There's probably sociological reasons for that, I just don't really care to look into it in detail because who the F cares.
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    Doobs got a reaction from ryantlanta in Under TD The Falcons have Drafted Mostly White Offensive Lineman   
    What a meanie
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    Doobs reacted to OilFuturesTrader19 in We better have a top 10 OL this season   
    Everyone on here complains that we don't invest in the trenches.......now they do, and everyone is amazed and pissed off. Unbeliveable.
    I'm happy. hope These are 2 starters on the oline and the offense can run the ball finally. 
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    Doobs reacted to pearljamnash13 in Fire Quinn Fire Td   
    Let the overreactions begin! hahaha
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    Doobs reacted to iLLmaticz in Traded back in 1st at 31 Kaleb McGary   
    I’m cool with it stack that Oline baby!
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    Doobs reacted to Oldskooler in Looks Like Mike Smith Is Going To Write A Book   
    Smitty's horrible clock management, coaching to not lose rather than to go for the throat, his failure to make in-game adjustments were examples of his inability to fully utilize the tools he did have.
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    Doobs reacted to ElbowDrop in Nba Playoff Thread   
    when do the pelicans play? bahaha
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    Doobs reacted to ballfan in It Is Mind-Boggling, Frightening, And Disturbing.   
    Why oh why doesn't the head coach spend more time on this message board instead of wasting time evaluating film and talking to friends that have coached players. I'm sure he has also been wasting time talking to doctors and trainers about health and rehab progress. Gosh, I sure hope Dan Quinn realizes he needs a starting LG. I bet that slipped his mind... Won't someone direct the coach to the wisdom of this message board?? My goodness, the season is almost over.
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    Doobs reacted to Dirtybird56 in Bruce Irvin Tells Bso He Wants To Play For Falcons   
    Where's he playing here? Can't ever have enough pass rushers but with Beasley and Reed where does he fit
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    Doobs got a reaction from Top Flight in Draft Analysis: Td Was Not The Problem, Smitty Was   
    As long as the problem is gone I dont really care
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    Doobs got a reaction from Flying Falcon in Draft Analysis: Td Was Not The Problem, Smitty Was   
    As long as the problem is gone I dont really care
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    Doobs got a reaction from HOYLE in Draft Analysis: Td Was Not The Problem, Smitty Was   
    As long as the problem is gone I dont really care
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