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  1. Look at you gaining trust in the Falcons
  2. Not many like to acknowledge this for whatever reason
  3. He’s straight but he has one of the worst if not worse offensive lines
  4. A ref finally gets fired mid season and you see the effect it has on all the other ones
  5. Sure it doesn’t hurt, but considering our own team’s lack of ability to stay healthy, signing a guy coming straight off of injury might be the last thing the front office would want to do.
  6. Has the injury bug hit anyone harder than this??
  7. Yes but I imagine there is minimum wind that affects the ball in a dome. I’m not sold on him yet
  8. There was one holding call earlier in the game
  9. Tbh it sucks but if the offense is thriving I won’t hate on it
  10. You realize the safety would have more than likely switched up on julio so it would’ve been another man likely decreasing the chance of a Touchdown
  11. My thing is if you’re going to be a troll, atleast make it obvious. Don’t pretend and act like you’re trying to “help” while also being an ***
  12. This is the same site where someone made a thread the day before the Falcons and Patriots Super Bowl titled, “I have a feeling we will lose”. At some point you just gotta accept the fact that people don’t always think before they speak; or in this instance type.
  13. Don’t encourage them :/
  14. It wasn’t even just the missed int which is the sad thing. If you watched him the whole game just wow