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  1. Whole team out of sync. Hard to see any positives with this team
  2. Pretty much
  3. I say 30 minutes if it's really going to be in Atlanta
  4. You're just saying that because you watched them on hard knocks jpow
  5. They all look 40
  6. Pretty sure it was 0-4?
  7. Hbd Commish
  8. Yea best thing is to just try from another source. Seems theres alot of stuff they haven't fixed for the app. If your still having issues with it on Ipad, try to switch it to the website version instead of mobile.
  9. What is it showing for you?
  10. Yea you didn't miss this one
  11. Not yet, its going to be at 3:00 pm
  12. Had to change it to 3:00 for convenience for some of the league members