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  1. Starting to think that too. That's why I would go after Rafael Bush or Tavon Wilson
  2. Quinn: Thomas Dimitroff is a big reason why I wanted to be here. The support that we give back and forth couldn't be higher. #ATLvsJAX Does he like Paton or TD better?
  3. He's unemployed now and has done better as an OC compared to a HC. His first year in SD their offense went from 31st to 5th. And he's from GA. Is there anybody else y'all can think of? What about Pep Hamilton? The Wiz would be my #1 choice.
  4. I think the Rams hired Les Snead over Paton. And Snead was under TD. Idk if that's good or bad. Then again it could be all about who you know.
  5. Ballard would be my choice tho. I said this last offseason. But if it came down to Paton or Kirchner I'll probably go Paton because of more actual hands on experience with the draft. I think Kirchner is a step behind.
  6. He specifically said Wolf and DeCosta aren't going anywhere. So forget about them. And I see the same with Tobin. All of them will probably be taking over once the others step down. As far as Vital I just think it's time for new eyes and ideas. Somebody from the outside looking in.
  7. Are the 2 names to look out for if we get rid of TD for GM. Said DQ is familiar with both and he doesn't see a situation if TD is let go that Pioli won't be let go too. If one is gone then both are gone. He also said AB was very close to letting them both go before this past offseason.
  8. Whisenhunt would probably gladly take a step down from HC to OC. He has experience at both and is from GA. No brainer.
  9. I called the Trent Kirchner a couple of days ago. But my favorite 2 are Chris Ballard and Tom Gamble.
  10. Wow. @knoxbardeen points out that none of the Falcons' 2012 draft picks are even in the NFL ... not even just with the team
  11. In this order for me. 1. Chris Ballard 2. Tom Gamble 3. Trent Kirchner
  12. He said Beasley needs to work on his chop and rip move. Not just bending the corner.
  13. He and DQ have formed a good relationship. He also threw out the name Bruce Irvin. Said defense wins championships.
  14. I caught the tail end but heard him say he offered to work with the Falcons but Smitty never gave him a call back in 7 years. But DQ has welcomed him with open arms to work with the players. Hence why Clayborn, Maponga, etc have worked with him. He said he would never "work" for the Falcons but he would train/work with players. He loves Beasley but he just needs more time. Said Hageman, Beasley, Maponga are getting more playing time than he got when he first came in. So that's a good thing. He didn't start getting time till his 3rd year.
  15. http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/football/bears/chi-bears-chris-ballard-gm-trivia-20150107-story.html Scroll down in the link and listen to what Tommie Harris had to say about Chris Ballard.
  16. http://www.thefalcoholic.com/2015/12/8/9869072/how-will-the-atlanta-falcons-change-in-2016 Link
  17. Dave Choate A lot. I still think Kyle Shanahan will likely be safe, but this is a team on the cusp of a major bloodletting. William Moore could be gone, Terry Robiskie could be gone, Bryan Cox could be gone, the Falcons may be out shopping for 2/5ths of their offensive line once again, and so on. This is what happens when you underperform, and when the roster your new head coach inherited isn't one he was necessarily in love with. The Falcons will let go of veterans who are underperforming and costly, and they'll attempt to retool the team a bit more to coax better play out of Matt Ryan and to give Quinn the kind of fast and physical defense he truly craves. It's also possible the front office looks very different in 2016, giving the Falcons a very new flavor just a year after they hired their new staff. If it leads to more wins, I'm all for it.
  18. Good. That increases his chance of being gone then.
  19. Idk why we didn't clean house when we fired Smitty. We need a fresh set of eyes to come in here and get DQ his type of players. TD has not put talent on the field besides the obvious ones we all know. Pioli is no better. Talent trumps scheming and we just don't have it. Two guys I've read up on who others around the league also think would make a good GM are Chris Ballard and Tom Gamble. I wanted either one of them this past offseason. Nobody's gonna be perfect but they've had a say on some very good players in the past. I also feel like Shanahan needs to go too, but DQ brought him in so I think we may be stuck a few years.
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