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  1. Alford's problem is not turning his head its his hand usage. Too much grabbing
  2. Freeman was drafted to be our future. We still need an upgrade at RT. Holmes, Schraeder, and Carimi are back ups. We are forced to play Holmes now but none of the 3 above are starter material. I think it's in next year's draft
  3. TD will never draft a RB 1st rd. Forget it. Look for OT to solidify RT. There is no Clowney or Mack this draft. Closest thing might be Gregory. Look for another OT. TD likes seniors so Erving or Collins could be in the mix
  4. I'm not sold on Solia(sp) or TJ. I wasn't a fan of TJ coming out of college. And I hate that since Smitty and Company has been here it's always about former players from Jacksonville or who they have worked with in the past. That's OK but they wear it out Its about does the player fit your scheme. Arthur Jones probably would've been better than Solia(sp). But we definitely still need a true PR and legit RT. Top needs.
  5. Everybody knows the future is Freeman and Smith
  6. Holmes was terrible. Watched him specifically. He was all off balance a lot. Jake looked bad too. He needs to get stronger but will give him a pass being a rookie. We have no RT on this roster. Get ready for RT to be first pick next year. Holmes natural position is LT where he actually played better last year.
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