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  1. Drafting a center would be a 2nd rd pick if u want the top center. I would rather spend that 2nd on a defensive player and get a vet C in FA.
  2. http://www.alligator.org/sports/football/article_4edadcae-9e2f-11e5-86b4-93f027155b48.html Link
  3. One of the more notable players to step up this year for the Gators was linebacker Jarrad Davis, and it would have been understandable if he opted to test his luck by leaving early for the NFL Draft. But any notion that Davis would capitalize on his notable season was dismissed after Saturdays 29-15 loss to Alabama in the Southeastern Conference title game when he confirmed he planned on returning to UF for his senior year.
  4. Bergstrom is the easiest option because he is a backup. Better than what we have now. I just don't see teams letting go of their starting centers and LT's. Hence I don't see us getting Ben Jones.
  5. I think DT will be the pick in the 15-19 range
  6. Jarrad Davis is a beast but already said he's going back. I would love to have him.
  7. Pending physical, #Falcons signing Xzavier Dickson (DE/OLB) to practice squad. Dickson was drafted by New England (No. 253 overall). Per DLed
  8. 7 days til Black Monday. We will probably find out if TD and Pioli are outta here. I hope they are.
  9. They both gotta go. Idk who stays hurt the most. Get rid of these bums. Dead weight
  10. Here is the deal people. This is TD's last year on his contract. So basically Blank didn't fire him with Smitty so that he could play out his contract so to speak. Here is where DQ comes in. We were the last team to hire a HC. But before he was hired it was reported that DQ wanted George Paton as his GM from working with him in the past. But because Blank wasn't gonna fire TD before his contract was up, DQ had no other choice but to come in and act as if he just loves working with TD. And he may like working with him but I think he wants to work with Paton more. And looking at TD's track record since 08 everybody sees he has not put enough talent on this team. Everybody says give him one more year, I think this is his one more year from Blank. Contract is up and I believe Paton is the man going forward.
  11. Signing Collinn Rahrig, Falcons worked out Cameron Gordon, Chris Greenwood, Michael Huey, Brandon McGee
  12. Falcons tried out former Texans linebacker Mike Mohamed as well as James-Michael Johnson and Shelley Smith
  13. Falcons WR Julio Jones selected to his 3rd Pro Bowl while RB Devonta Freeman makes his first Pro Bowl. Jones... https://t.co/ZNmbTvtVOC
  14. Atlanta: My sense is that embattled Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff will return in his same job next year, thanks in part to first-season head coach Dan Quinn coming out with a strong statement of support for him. But not everybody I talked to for this Black Monday preview shared that optimism, with one source saying itll be a miracle if Dimitroff survives Atlantas second-half unraveling after the teams 50 start. Miracles do happen, even in the NFL, and I think Dimitroff is safe. From the same article.
  15. http://www.si.com/nfl/2015/12/22/nfl-coaches-black-monday-sean-payton-josh-mcdaniels-tom-coughlin Link
  16. San Diego: Everything having to do with the Chargers feels like its in a state of flux given the potential relocation of the franchise to Los Angeles next year, but reading the tea leaves, head coach Mike McCoy seems like a long shot to make the short trip north on I-5 if the organization moves. McCoys team fell apart due to injuries and ineffectiveness this season, and to say that the head coach became unpopular with Chargers fans and the media is an understatement. McCoy is entering the final season of his four-year contract with San Diego, so the team is faced with the decision to either extend him or fire him, and its a difficult case to make that he deserves an extension with the Chargers having lost 13 of their past 18 games under McCoy after last seasons hopeful 84 start. Sundays home finale win against Miami might have helped McCoys case a little, and you can never underestimate the financial element that might be involved, meaning the teams ownership might not want to spend big money on a new coaching staff in the midst of a relocation. Then again, as one league source said: If they move to L.A., theyre going to want to start with a bigger-name coach. In L.A., theyre not the only game in town any more like in San Diego. They would need a bigger presence to make an impact. But who is that bigger name and would the Chargers be able to land him as part of their relocation to the bigger market? Like everything else with this team, the unanswered questions abound.
  17. Asamoah placed on injured reserve with a hip injury to start the season. Now a free agent. Per McClure
  18. EXACTLY.... You would be amazed at how many GMs and HCs are not on same page https://t.co/yjHBnqosnX
  19. Looks like we will win....that sucks...when we need to lose that's when we win....smh
  20. http://mweb.cbssports.com/nfl/writer/jason-la-canfora/25419912/kirchner-paton-are-favorites-to-replace-dimitroff-as-falcons-gm Link..... I'll take Paton over Kirchner
  21. Falcons owner Arthur Blank is seriously considering major changes in his personnel department, according to league sources, and is likely to move on from general manager Thomas Dimitroff and much of his staff, with the team again in a sustained tailspin and its talent level under question. Blank is committed to first-year head coach Dan Quinn, sources said, and the top two candidates for a general manager spot there would likely have significant ties to Quinn. Seattle director of pro personnel Trent Kirchner, who worked closely with Quinn during their stint together with the Seahawks, and Vikings assistant general manager George Paton, who was with Quinn with the Dolphins a decade ago, are very strong options to replace Dimitroff, sources said, and numerous sources with knowledge of the situation would be very surprised if one of them did not take over personnel for the Falcons. Blank has becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of improvement for his football team. He has mulled parting with Dimitroff, a trusted lieutenant, for several years now (and received recommendations to purge his front office from several advisors last year, sources said), and the attempt to bolster the front office with Dimitroff's long-time associates like Scott Pioli has not benefitted either the roster or the Falcons' position in the standings. With the Falcons set to christen a new stadium in 2017, and the team losing momentum and mired in a six-game losing streak, Blank continues to reach out to confidants for ways to pull out of the funk, and sources said the feedback on the state of the team's roster and recent drafts has not been positive. Quinn already has control of the 53-man roster as part of his contract -- very unusual for a rookie head coach in and of itself -- and Blank wavered back and forth on blowing up his front office last year, telling others at several points that he was going to make a change only to eventually keep Dimitroff in an awkward division of labor. Kirchner and Paton are both very highly thought of around the league and have been considered for general manager jobs in the past. They will have interest outside of Atlanta as well, but given their connections to Quinn and shared vision with him, numerous sources have identified them as being very well positioned for Atlanta's general manager role should it open up as expected.
  22. I hadn't thought about Garrett if he is fired. He and DQ were on the MIA staff together in 05-06. If we fire Shanahan. I don't see another OC making a lateral move. It would be a fired HC. I'll take the Wiz or Garrett if he's let go.
  23. I hadn't thought about Garrett if he is fired. He and DQ were on the MIA staff together in 05-06. If we fire Shanahan. I don't see another OC making a lateral move. It would be a fired HC. I'll take the Wiz or Garrett if he's let go.
  24. Before he got our job he wanted to work with George Paton. I think it's up to AB and I think TD is history after these last 3 games. DQ will have a new GM next year.
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