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  1. The other day David Archer said a lot of people didn't get along with Jackson when he was here.
  2. Zimmer and Jackson were DC and OC here in 07 under Petrino. Congrats to both on becoming HC's.
  3. Alford has always been a team player. He does what's best for the team. I don't see him as somebody who will ask for big money. He's a humble type. Where is this coming from that he will want more money than he's worth? He knows how he has played and knows he's #2 behind Tru.
  4. First of all, Alford ain't going nowhere. He was a TD pick to stay with Tru for years to come. If we have stayed with TD why would we let Alford walk? And Collins is truly not the one to replace Alford. All he has is height and length. He's very thin and not physical at all. I will say with conviction that DQ and company really messed up with this pick. Bottom line.
  5. He and Bowles have history together. It's all about who you know in this league.
  6. http://atlantafalcons.blog.ajc.com/2016/01/07/five-falcons-who-didnt-meet-expectations-in-2015/ Link
  7. . Roddy White, wide receiver: It took White, the former Pro Bowler, a while to digest the new offense. That was a major factor is his production drop to 43 catches from 80. By the end of the season, White was up to speed. As you can see in the last few games, Roddy is definitely still a play maker, Julio Jones said when asked if White should return. He makes tough catches. He makes plays in traffic. When he looks like hes covered, hes still open. He still can run. He knows the offense, now. Thats on them to make that decision, but Id love to see him here next year and the year after that.
  8. That's why Hank was brought in and got more touches in the beginning.
  9. DLed said yesterday on 92.9 the game that Julio told him that Roddy finally knows the plays. So bottom line he didn't know the playbook until late in the season. That's why he started getting more passes.
  10. Colts sign Dez Southward, Ben Heenan, Pierce Burton, Edwin Jackson, Kitt O'Brien, Joshua Stangby to reserve-future deals Per Aaron Wilson
  11. Don't you hate it when your thread just goes all the way to left field?
  12. I saw that too. He was very pissed at Collins.
  13. 49ers beat STL so we now have the 17th pick.
  14. Falcons picking 17th right now. If Oakland and STL win, they'll pick 15th, if only one of those win, 16th. Per Scott Carasik
  15. DQ wanted to work with Paton as his GM but TD was already in place. I think TD is gone after today. His contract is up and if he stays for even one more year it's like setting us back. Let DQ work with who he really wants to and more familiar with. My choice is Paton.
  16. Don't want any rookie DE to pair with Beasley. He needs a vet on the other side.
  17. Give me Sanu or Marvin Jones from Cincy.
  18. Just to be clear, I was only posting this for the ppl saying they wanted McCoy. I mean I thought that was understood.
  19. Speaking with multiple folks around NFL, sounds like Mike McCoy is coaching his final game for @Chargers. We'll see. @NFLonFOX Per Alex Marvez A lot of y'all want him to replace Shanahan.
  20. Off subject but Charles Davis said in practice Jack would cover the WRs because the TE's and RBs were not enough of a challenge.
  21. FA is gonna be real big this offseason. We gotta get some ballers. The draft should be focused on improving the defense.
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