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  1. My 2 favorite WRs I hope we go after are Sharpe and Burbridge.
  2. They all can run and cover. But if we can get Trevathan in FA and put him in the middle, that would eliminate Perry. I believe Lee and Cravens go late 1st to early 2nd. That leaves Jones who I don't think will get out the 2nd rd. Especially after the combine. He would fit perfect in the mid range of rd 2 and in Quinn's fast and physical style of play. I posted this in draft/FA thread.
  3. Report: Jerome Henderson to be hired as #Falcons passing game co; Raheem Morris to coach wide receivers. Team announcement expected Monday.,
  4. Source: #Eagles are trying to strike a new deal w/ Lane Johnson, Vinny Curry and Zach Ertz. High priority for all 3. https://t.co/fRNOpZF5AK
  5. They hired their DC today so I guess Manuel is still here.
  6. Cowboys secondary coach Jerome Henderson will be in ATL tomorrow for an interview, according to sources. Role he's interviewing for unclear Per McClure Could he possibly bring in Mo Claiborne. Another LSU DB.
  7. Hearing Cowboys secondary coach Jerome Henderson might join the Falcons staff in some capacity. Nothing official yet though.
  8. Archer said last week on 92.9 the game that if we traded back to 27 that would get us another 2nd rd pick. If true that would be nice. So it depends on how far down we go.
  9. DQ said the lines will be focused on heavily. I think DT is the pick in rd 1. Which one remains to be seen. My money would be on Clark or Reed.
  10. Lol. You are saying the same thing I'm saying. So what are you talking about?
  11. People need to understand that UDFA choose where they wanna go. It's not like TD or any team for that matter drafted them. So they didn't find them. They chose where they wanted to go.
  12. Devin Hester faces 3 to 6 months of recovery after surgery. https://t.co/YLR4oZnhls
  13. Mularkey: Team interviewing 3 people for OC job, not just Robiskie.
  14. Terry Robiskie is a bad man. Doesn't take any crap. Al Davis recognized him long ago. #Titans OC Per Jason Cole
  15. Sources tell @MikeGarafolo & me that @Titans have requested to interview @AtlantaFalcons WRs coach Terry Robiskie for OC vacancy @NFLonFOX
  16. Oh **** naw!!! Please don't let him nowhere near this team again!!!! He is awful!!!
  17. Source tells @NFLonFOX that @Jaguars have interviewed Jim Schwartz for their defensive coordinator vacancy
  18. I didn't see it at first, but the real problem starts with AB. He's too nice. He should've fired TD and Smitty last year. And now the report that Vital was deciding whether or not to take a demotion. C'mon man. That should not have been an option. All of this demoting and reshuffling don't need to happen. If they ain't got it right after 8 years it's time to go. Period. Randy Cross said that all teams have a list of names they would like to work with ahead of time if it comes to that. Evidently AB didn't. On Black Monday last year he should have fired TD and Smitty. He knew who the hot coaching names were. He should've already been connecting the dots to see who works good with the other. As far as GM/HC. Now we are probably stuck with TD because nobody will not want to be GM without total control. Even if you bring in DQ's boy George Paton and then give him total control, then you are gonna have problems with DQ. So I think AB messed this all up. But if DQ can get his scouting people in here then it might turn out aight. But AB must clean out this scouting department. Not re-shuffle.
  19. Vital has a very strong tie to #Titans GM Jon Robinson. https://t.co/E22YWAxZqB
  20. Osemele is my dude. He and Wisniewski would seal the deal on the OL.
  21. This is not new news. When AB made the announcement I think 92.9 the game said that Bob Kronenberg and Steve Sabo are also fired.
  22. D-led asked last week will we upgrade or just re-shuffle. I hope we bring in new eyes and a different mindset. Like I said last year when we re-shuffle the FO, it's like trying to say u have new furniture, but all you did was rearranged the old furniture.
  23. Mike Smith is expected to be the #Bucs new defensive coordinator, source said. Had several options, this was No. 1. Per rapsheet
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