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  1. Can’t leave the money on the table, s/o to Mello lol. Wonder how much was left on that deal. NE worked out it out for Gronkowski you never know lol
  2. https://atlfal.co.nz/38opQXi Maybe it’s still time? Bring em home TD
  3. Julio with Fitz hands on the easy balls
  4. Yeah I understand the money aspect but I mean seriously we have plenty of camp bodies that can get cut right now lol. Idk what world some people live in sometimes
  5. You don’t think Warford would start over Hennessy, Brown, or Carpenter? Hennessy wasn’t a first rounder draft pick where you have to start him. He can really be groomed to take over for Mack. Doesn’t have to play right away. Brown and Carpenter, no need to explain
  6. Are you saying Roster space wise or money wise?
  7. Great video, and confirms what I was thinking in the limited amount I’ve watched Gurley. Doesn’t look any different physically to me but something about the scheme just was clicking. Constantly look like he was just running into a wall. Honestly the same way Freeman was looking towards the end. Idk if we have the o-line to revive Gurley but maybe the “he’s done” narrative will work in our favor and teams will sleep on him
  8. I know he’s an ex Saint but he could definitely beef up the O-Line. #BringEmHomeTD
  9. That’s the game plan for every team. You hit the QB. Otherwise most NFL QBs can carve you up because of the way the rules are set up today. But that honestly has been the name of the game since the beginning
  10. All I know is, that Younghoe sure can go
  11. Maybe if we didn’t sign Gurley. That would give us Gurley, Fornette, Ito, Brian Hill, and Quadre. Too crowded for me
  12. He took a step back last year but I think he's good/great. Eventually the hype gets to be too much to live up to but I think he will be good in the league. Fields is a baller though, Ive watched him enough to be convinced.
  13. Give me Fields over Lawrence. Go Bucks
  14. I was in favor of going to get him, after the draft I still would be. But I’ve been surprised by things on paper more times then not. I’ll wait it out and try and see what the pros see in these dudes
  15. Ouuu weee might finally be adding some More dawgs On defense. Grady, Takk, n this guy looking pretty nasty
  16. First pick I actually liked with my first reaction. I prefer Dusse but let’s take a shot of Hennyyyy
  17. Welp Raiders now my second team
  18. If you wanna add some razzle dazzle to the offense and Special teams we gotta get Lynn today. Super versatile. Straight up baller no matter where he lines up at. All heart. Bring em Home TD
  19. That I can agree with. One game doesn’t define him at all. And honestly I rather a CB play aggressively and get beat then passively and do the same. Terrell seems more the aggressive type. I’ll call it cautiously pessimistic on how I feel about him. Time will tell. I’m usually good with who we get in the first I just wasn’t feel him at all
  20. I love Ryan. I’m not advocating for him to be gone this year. All I’m saying is it may be time to look to the future. The window for Ryan is only getting smaller. I’m riding with Julio till the wheels fall off but unless he’s on a Lebron type diet you can’t think he will continue at his level for 5+ years.
  21. Terrell isn’t even overrated, it’s pretty much a consensus this was a bad reach. Not because he is a corner either. There were plenty of higher rated prospects there. With that said you can’t go solely off predraft list. My biggest gripe is how Chase bent him over his knee in the title game. I’ve slept on it and I probably overreacted. I’ll give Quinn and TD a chance but I wasn’t wild over the Lindstrom pick last year either and I think he turned out good
  22. Actually Love is the only QB I thought made sense realistically. Super talented but wasn’t going at the top end of the drafts
  23. I don’t think they will be in a position to draft Fields or Lawrence next year. One thing about the Falcons, we even suck at losing
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