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  1. Pretty close to what I figured. Wasn’t able to know what restructuring Ryan and Matthews could be but 50 million is a healthy chunk to spend. Would hate to see Sanu, Mack, n Free go though
  2. He earned that for sure. Glad to see my O State boy ballin
  3. I’m all for balance but keep the defense guessing. You become easy to predict when you get behind schedule on down and distance. Throw some screens in there, draws from Shotgun on first down, something
  4. Naw , he has no desire for the game. Just happen to be a physical freak that could make millions to play it. Don’t blame him but he gotta go
  5. That happened one time man where he missed the pulling guard and your only saying that cause the announcer pointed it out lmao. Man you off the hook lollll
  6. Man he looked solid as ****. But they were attacking Oliver though
  7. I’ve been goin at him about his hate for Freeman but no way he is serious lol
  8. He’s clownin lol. He knows Free balled today
  9. 100+ yard from scrimmage plus two TDs....looks like a better game then David Johnson to me
  10. How did Freeman look?
  11. He made plays wen it mattered today. Can’t overcome a defense that doesn’t force a punt until almost the end of the 3rd smh
  12. I actually think that’s the case now. Shoulda won but **** we were ina dog fight with the Lowly Cardinals smh
  13. Appreciate the Super Bowl trip (kinda) but I think his time here has run its course. Teams done. I believed in Smitty in 2014 but I won’t repeat that same mistake. Wish ya well Stone Cold Quinn.
  14. He’s not really a great runner. Catching the ball is where he does his damage