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  1. Brady is going to quickly find out how life is without Bill Belicheck. He’s no spring chicken to start over like this and not miss a beat
  2. Even add in Malcolm Jenkins n Chris Gamble. O State puts out high quality consistently.
  3. Linebacker, CB, LG. Need someone to replace Campbell. I actually like Foye though. Gotta replace Tru with at least a buckle if we are gonna have Sheff and Oliver at 1 and 2. I would prefer a better LG but between Carpenter, Brown, and maybe Gono I think it would be manageable for another year. Could always sprinkle in a pass rusher to groom in case Takk doesn’t turn the corner. DT I actually like Grady n Davidson but we could add depth. If somebody like JK Dobbins or Johnathan Taylor fell to the second you gotta pick em.
  4. Like I smoked meth. Would have to be super duper high if I believed this could happen
  5. If Simmons is there it’s an easy choice
  6. That makes a lot more sense now. Didn’t realize that part of the deal was what made it work with everybody involved being a Post June 1st cut
  7. Always been a fan of Gurley. He’s clearly a special talent. My one and only concern is his knee. Healthy wise he has an argument as the most complete back in the league. I’d be all for bringing out the Brinks truck otherwise. You gotta be cautious if the Rams ate 20 million in dead cap over the next two years on a 25 year old superstar. Nobody would know his knee better then their doctors
  8. Yeah I think it’s definitely overblown how it’s being reported. I’m saying we know how hard it will be for Neal to regain form, imagine having an issue that never fully heals. It’s a lot more risky then Freeman in my opinion
  9. It’s probably even less. I just went with the average salary between both years being 7. It’s not being stated what the cap hit is for the first year so I just assumed at about 10-11 million dollar first year cap hit. It’s impossible to say without having the numbers
  10. Not tryna be a jackass but just google it bruh. Think about it too, Rams cut him and ate an 11 million cap hit for a superstar 25 year old RB. Wouldn’t hand him the ball in the playoffs. Their medical staff knows something we don’t or McVay is gonna be arrested for sabotage next season
  11. Gordon got 13.5 million guaranteed so at worse his dead cap would be 2.5 million next year. A betting man would wager Gordon plays more game then Gurley next year. Gurley is purely boom or bust. Highly volatile to succumb to the knee issue though
  12. That move would make this offseason a A+ for me. I think it’s possible too. Seems like both TD and Quinn know it’s their last chance. They might swing for the fences
  13. How isn’t he? Gurley has a degenerative knee, which I do think is being overblown with people saying his career is over, which is super risky. Look at Jay Ajayi. He was cranking out 200 yard games to being on the street. You don’t see a talent like Gurley released At 25 if it isn’t for a good reason. Gordon has been plagued by injuries but there’s way less concern on that front with him.
  14. Yup. I wouldnt Of been upset with Gordon at 7 million a year either though. Way less risky
  15. So did I, when the numbers were first announced they said up to 11 millions so I assumed he had incentives in the contract for it. But he’s getting 7.5 million from the Rams from his big contract he signed