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  1. Man that Abe, Kerney, Grady, Coleman D-line was the best thing that never was
  2. I’m glad the guys making the picks aren’t the guys not watching film. I’ll admit I was a little confused with Lindstrom and even more so when we traded up for Kaleb. But I’ve learned to let these guys get on the field before I pass judgement. We really haven’t had a bad draft since Quinn has been here
  3. ****, I’ll reserve my judgement but this one has me scratching my head
  4. Marvin Hall, Alford, Julio
  5. If there coming cheap Suh, Jerrigan, and Wilkerson are worth a tire kick at nose. Same with Zach Brown
  6. I’m sure there’s more pass rush specialist out there then Chuck. We as fans don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes but that’s a tough sell that they are just sitting around not doing anything the whole offseason. I already expect the jokes about Beasley based on his play but he doesn’t seem like the lazy type to me. He just doesn’t seem to have that dawg in him
  7. Seeing your career mortality at risk like he has could do wonders for your motivation. Low risk high reward to me.
  8. Sheesh the league is dying
  9. You don’t pay a guy his worth that plays like this you I’ll ruin your franchise
  10. With how swiftly the NFL cracks down on these issues I think it at least should raise some eye brows. Headlines are enough to land you on the exemption list when it comes to DV. Especially a headline with you breaking a child’s arm. I read somewhere he wasn’t even in town when the child’s arm was broken
  11. Granted I didn’t know when it was said he tried to abort the unborn kid meant he punched the girl in the stomach 8 times. I literally thought he asked for an abortion
  12. If he broke the kids arm he will be punished. I’ll just let it play out. This could just as easily be a case of the mother holding him hostage to a mistake he has made before and using it as blackmail trying to ruin him. I’ve seen mothers do worse with fathers worth a whole lot less then Hill. I tend to believe there’s a hard chance somebody would be that stupid to harm a child in that way, especially with his past and profile.
  13. He could barely keep a straight face saying that BS
  14. The teams with routinely high cap space are usually losing teams. Calling Julio a Diva shows how out of touch with reality a lot of people are. Then saying because he wanted to renegotiate his deal when he was the 12th highest paid wide receiver in the league, in his prime, means he will do that with every contract is asinine. Man some of you guys are either really young, or overly dramatic.
  15. Has Julio ever been the highest paid receiver?