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  1. And if probability mattered they would have won a Super Bowl. Probability is still opinion. What’s a fact is you can’t win an entire football by making one play alone.
  2. The casual fans really expose themselves on here a lot. A team doesn’t come back and win after being down 28-3 because a player on the opposite team misses one block. Especially when that same player only got the ball 5 times in 30 minutes of play. That’s not how football works. Freeman was a dawg and play his heart out for the Falcons. He deserved every bit of that contract. His play fell off towards the end for sure but man the short memory some people have is amazing
  3. Yeah I was thinking somebody like San Fran but I can’t see it with Jimmy Gs contract. Maybe Denver will bite but I see them wanting to go younger and build around their guy. Colts could go for another stop gap. Would love to see Matt with Billichek but I don’t see the Patriots making that move either. If the Bears cut bait on Tribusky that could be an option as well:
  4. If we blow it up, it makes sense to try and move Ryan before Julio. I love both and wish they brought home that ring in 2016 but I think we missed their window. Age and contract just isn’t matching up. Our team is too full of holes to retool, which is all you can do with a contract like Matt Ryan’s and to a lesser extent Julio. I think we could still manage with Julio’s contract though. I know it’s a tall task to move Matt Ryan with his dead cap hit but in the NFL the salary cap is manipulated if they want to do the move enough. Seems like they always find a loophole when they need t
  5. T.I is saying what a lot of fans say. A large population has been screaming to get rid of Matt Ryan for a while. Especially in the Hip Hop community. In a league being taking over by the mobile QB, the old drop back QB isn’t as beloved. And for those dismissing T.I as a trash rapper or unintelligent, your showing how clueless you are about him as he can be about the Falcons.
  6. #KneelForFields Put Julio in Bubble wrap and come back next year
  7. I wouldn’t want to trade Julio but I’d hate to waste his remaining years with a rebuild.
  8. Ryan and Julios contracts aren’t going anywhere until at least 2022. I wanted to Draft Love so Ryan could start grooming him, but I’ll take Fields for sure. Maybe even Rattler 2 years from now.
  9. Can’t leave the money on the table, s/o to Mello lol. Wonder how much was left on that deal. NE worked out it out for Gronkowski you never know lol
  10. https://atlfal.co.nz/38opQXi Maybe it’s still time? Bring em home TD
  11. Julio with Fitz hands on the easy balls
  12. Yeah I understand the money aspect but I mean seriously we have plenty of camp bodies that can get cut right now lol. Idk what world some people live in sometimes
  13. You don’t think Warford would start over Hennessy, Brown, or Carpenter? Hennessy wasn’t a first rounder draft pick where you have to start him. He can really be groomed to take over for Mack. Doesn’t have to play right away. Brown and Carpenter, no need to explain
  14. Are you saying Roster space wise or money wise?
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