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    gambysquared reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in Falcons Are 0-2 But The Season Isn't Doomed   
    I haven’t tanked yet. Keep hope alive.
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    gambysquared reacted to BadMoonRising in Benching Matt Ryan   
    Ryan was pounded harder than a prostitute charging a dollar in vegas. He did about as good as you could ask, our offensive line was the issue on offense yesterday and it is not questionable by a sane person.
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    gambysquared reacted to 1989Fan in Why no Pitts on 3rd and goal?   
    Well, some did say he was drafted to fill Julio role…😁
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    gambysquared reacted to PeytonMannings Forehead in Let's Talk About - Rats (Bobby 1 Rat; A Dean Pees Pressure)   
    What up, fam?  It's been too long.  I've actually been itching to do one of these for a few weeks now to get into some of the new coverages I expect to see this season, but Dean Pees didn't show nothing during the preseason.  He finally gave me a little taste Sunday.  Now there was some good defensively and a fair amount of bad.  Fundamentals were lacking.  We lost leverage, a few times we had trouble getting lined up, tackling wasn't as crisp as I like, but schematically, it was solid.
     Dean Pees's scheme is evolved from Nick Saban and Bill Belichick.  It's some of the nastiest stuff you'll see anywhere.  It's simple on the surface with a ton of complexity under the hood.  This call from Sunday personifies that, a little beauty right out of Saban's playbook called Bobby 1 Rat (and no I'm sure if this is what Pees calls it in his playbook, but this is how I know it)... for all you UGA fans, Kirby has this in his package, too.  He calls it Buddha.
    Basically, it is a straight up Cover-1 with a Rat underneath.  In any other set, the middle linebacker will be the Rat.  Here, we're still bringing 4, but we're changing who the rat is.  We're changing up the pre-snap look with a sim pressure where the linebackers mug the LOS in a sugar look to mess with the MIKE declaration.  Now the way Saban does it, he'll bring both inside linebackers if there is no motion by the running back, and the weak side linebacker will drop to become the Rat, while the Mike comes.  And there's all kinds of checks and adjustments based on offensive formation, pre-snap motion, etc.  Confused yet?  Good.  So was Jalen Hurts.
    Here, Dean Pees put a little twist on it, putting Means and Fowler on the same side.  Foye is mugged up over the guard.  Secondary is showing single high across the board.  This look screams cover-1 with Deion as the Rat.  

    But not so fast.  Means drops and Foye is the 4th rusher.  Because of the Mike declaration, the back has Deion, who doesn't come, so he releases into the pattern... basically this is a blitz, but not treated as a blitz by the protection.

    I'm not a fan of dropping pass rushers into coverage, and there were a few too many times where our guys looked awkward doing it -- we don't really have the true 3-4 backers to do it IMO, but this one wasn't too bad.  A little ugly, but I think Means did a good job her bracketing the #2 receiver. 

    Little bit better view of Means's drop, taking away anything quick.  Foye and Grady are working a game on the guard and center, and JTM's rush is really good here.  You'll see in the video how he works half a man, and immediately gets leverage to the outside of the LT, who winds up leaning (which is a big no-no).

    You can see right here the entire defense working as one, front and back.  Everything is locked up, although one little question I have is Terrell doing what looks like a zone turn then getting into a trail tech like he's handing off to the safety, but the safety isn't really in position for that.  I don't know if he missed the call, or he's playing 5 trap where he's reading #2 to jump anything out, but it looked odd.  A couple of Terrell's plays looked odd Sunday.
    But back to the gif.  We're locked up in man.  Means's drop takes away the quick game.  The LT actually somewhat recovered and rode JTM around the arc, but the interior rush did it's job.  Really athletic play for Jalen to escape through there, and hold onto the ball off that hit.

    All in all, this is what we need to see more of.
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    gambysquared reacted to PeytonMannings Forehead in Did Blank Force The Falcons To Draft Pitts To Generate Hype For The Season?   
    No one drafts a tight end to generate hype. I don’t care how good he is.
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    gambysquared reacted to Red Bandana in Bright Spots???   
    We didn’t blow a lead
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    gambysquared reacted to Aluminafalcon in People Banging on Koetter   
    Arthur’s plan for better or worse was to limit Mayfield exposure to cox and Hargrove. For 2.5 quarters he basically did till it became greater than a two score game. Then we saw what happened. Koetter typical strategy was to use long developing routes to stress secondary. The deficiencies in our line would have been more exposed for longer period of time if koetter had run the offense.
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    gambysquared reacted to dragonsyth in Anyone interested in Watson trade? Or Cam….   
    It’s painfully obvious something is wrong with Ryan. His balls have looked wobbly most of the game outside the first drive. We could call it conditioning but Jalen looks fine. 
       So my question is, would we, could we, should we take a chance on Watson?  Maybe trade them Ryan Grady and Pitts?  I know I know…… ouch but he’s a legit franchise and if he legal battles fall out or are paid off and go away ..???
      Otherside why not take a chance on Cam?  He’s free and out there looking.  Would be cheap and we could afford him with what we have open. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    gambysquared reacted to dodge_birds_fan in Another Game Another Untimely Sack By Ryan   
    Yeah, how dare his statue *** not throw the ball 15 yards down field in 0.00001 seconds.
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    gambysquared reacted to Jesus in Pre-Game Prep   
    You forgot f*** the Saints
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    gambysquared reacted to thanat0s in 09/08 Tweets   
    They're cutting all the guys who got voted captain??
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    gambysquared reacted to thanat0s in Falcons Cut Qadree Ollison - Signed Wayne Gallman   
    How long will crow keep? Will it spoil before 2022?
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    gambysquared reacted to k-train in Legends   
    Now we just gotta go get whomever was the long snapper for that team
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    gambysquared reacted to lju713 in Im not impressed with this roster or Fontenot at this point.   
    We will not be a winning team this season. I know its early, but im a firm believer that you are only as good as who you practice against. Injuries have hurt the chemistry on the OL. Gono injury hurt because he could easily started at LG or RT. Mayfield had to play RT and was drafted to be the LG. We could some help at WR and 1 more vet pass rusher. I saw 2 young WR i think would help as well as McPhee on D as a rotational piece and he knows the D. Looks like we will be drafting top 10 again. Hopefully Stingley Jr will be there at CB or a elite young pass rusher🤔😒😭
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    gambysquared reacted to ya_boi_j in Im not impressed with this roster or Fontenot at this point.   
    I got you bruh. Ima head on out

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    gambysquared reacted to Francis York Morgan in Chris Chester Signed   
    You all need to watch the marshmallow episode of Takeshi's Castle right now.

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    gambysquared reacted to FalconFanSince1969 in Mark Brunell's 1St And 2Nd Tier Quarterbacks   
    Players usually take on the personality of their coaches.
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    gambysquared got a reaction from TheFatboi in Would You Like The Falcons To Sign Greg Hardy   
    I agree! Women never lie!
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    gambysquared got a reaction from chazbykr in Would You Like The Falcons To Sign Greg Hardy   
    I agree! Women never lie!
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    gambysquared got a reaction from chazbykr in Would You Like The Falcons To Sign Greg Hardy   
    The man hits people for a living, he isn't a pediatrician.
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    gambysquared reacted to NumberOneStunna in Would You Like The Falcons To Sign Greg Hardy   
    We signed Prince Shembo who has a checkered past and he SUCKS so why not get Hardy?
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