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  1. Hope he's alright, he has been playing quite well
  2. Next week? No. But they will bounce back eventually. Can't face a top 5 DL every week.
  3. Like Kyle's first year? Not saying Sark is gonna set records but at least give him a chance. There was so much turnover on the staff last year.
  4. I don't think anyone should own a team without being committed to winning a Super Bowl. Only one team gets to do it every year.
  5. Yep. Ryan was harassed all season and has been tough and never quit. You can't knock him for ****** guard play.
  6. Spoon has been hitting the drills all off-season, I hope his body can handle it. Love his drive and leadership but we all know the physical problems
  7. Ish is my dude. He's a dog and versatile. Even a good IG follow lol
  8. That's a 20/80 ball, Ju just wouldn't be denied.
  9. They should put Matt Ryan in the booth and let Sark do his thing. Oh, wait a second...
  10. The personnel isn't close either. Pump the brakes. Our backup WRs can't catch
  11. Definitely agree that we need RS back. Not hating on Ty because I think he's actually doing really well, for the amount of time he's been here. He'll make a fine swing tackle for us. I think this team takes off after the bye.
  12. Timing with the offense. Once they start clicking they are gonna put in WORK. Already hung 30 on the road with 3 picks, we truly are spoiled.
  13. I really want to see both teams in a dome at full strength, would be a blast to watch. Good luck!
  14. Dak hasn't shown he can carry the team with his arm. If Zeke isn't eating, the Cowboys are going to lose.
  15. For the amount of time he's been here I'm impressed with Ty. I think Matt was experiencing phantom pressure. All the mistakes are contactable and we're still putting up W's
  16. 0, although I've seen them on the road twice. They don't come up to NY much
  17. I wish I could have gone! Logistics just haven't worked out to come down from NY.
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