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  1. Like Kyle's first year? Not saying Sark is gonna set records but at least give him a chance. There was so much turnover on the staff last year.
  2. I don't think anyone should own a team without being committed to winning a Super Bowl. Only one team gets to do it every year.
  3. Yep. Ryan was harassed all season and has been tough and never quit. You can't knock him for ****** guard play.
  4. Spoon has been hitting the drills all off-season, I hope his body can handle it. Love his drive and leadership but we all know the physical problems
  5. Ish is my dude. He's a dog and versatile. Even a good IG follow lol
  6. That's a 20/80 ball, Ju just wouldn't be denied.
  7. They should put Matt Ryan in the booth and let Sark do his thing. Oh, wait a second...
  8. The personnel isn't close either. Pump the brakes. Our backup WRs can't catch
  9. Definitely agree that we need RS back. Not hating on Ty because I think he's actually doing really well, for the amount of time he's been here. He'll make a fine swing tackle for us. I think this team takes off after the bye.
  10. Timing with the offense. Once they start clicking they are gonna put in WORK. Already hung 30 on the road with 3 picks, we truly are spoiled.
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