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  1. It's like you were psychic.
  2. 6'6 315 (although listed at 320) tackle that projects well at guard.
  3. Falcon fans everywhere rushed to ER's nationwide with massive heart attacks.We know this isn't going to happen, but look how excited we all got. Offseason ain't over boys.
  4. I agree! Women never lie!
  5. The man hits people for a living, he isn't a pediatrician.
  6. Totally on board, wouldn't happen though
  7. Finally decided to make an account now that the boards are cleaned up and I don't have to read about MR having a noodle arm every thread. Been a fan since I started watching football in 07 (got a late start). I'm in NY, was at the playoff game vs the giants and will be there when we get revenge this year. Long time lurker turned member!