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  1. I’ve decided to fall back from drinking lol..and I want to get rid of the bottles that I have left..I have Elmer T Lee, a bottle of the Limited Release Makers Mark and a bottle of Blantons..if anyone’s interested or can steer me in the direction of where I can sell them..feel free to message me..
  2. Peter Konz (2-55) - Started 28 games, but was too small and too weak to play at an NFL level. Was viewed as the best Center in the 2012 draft. Lamar Holmes (3-91) - Started 19 games, but was supposed to be a project. Lost starting RT job to UDFA, started this year on the PUP list, and then was released. Bradie Ewing (5-157) - Played 2 games, could never stay healthy. Jonathan Massaquoi (5-164) - Started 7 games, but feuded with Mike Nolan and his staff. Was cut when Quinn came on, went to Tennessee, and was cut in the Pre-Season. Charles Mitchell (6-192) - Played 10 games in 2012 on Special T
  3. Made the win even more beautiful.. 2:00:05 "Freaking Julio" 2:05:45 - "Quit testing Trufant....Don't test Trufant again" 2:23:29 - He gets pissed...
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZS81xW-bPo Found this on YouTube....
  5. LMAO some one get that guy outta here....how u miss understand a phone conversation
  6. Well go then...to injury prone
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