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  1. Yep. Both parties are the same that put up the guise of being different on a few 'key' issues that are hot topics such as abortion. They're the same **** people folks. There's no good side and bad side. There's them, a 'ruling class' and then there's us. Stop letting them divide you. There's zero strength in numbers because of how many boxes they segregate you into. Man vs woman, black vs white, dem vs repub, christian vs atheist, ect. Every single one is just a different box designed to keep us separated from each other so we're easier to rule.
  2. Even without the sexual assault stuff what has watson won?
  3. Trading down, taking parsons at 10 and acquiring extra picks for the future is, in no way, shape or form, the same as taking a qb at 4, signing them to a 8 mil a year contract and sitting them on the bench. That was a stretch to say the least.
  4. Here's my thing with pitts versus the rest. Pitts is a unicorn. He is the best te prospect in 15-20 years and is basically the madden create a player version of new school te. He's the first of his kind. Well second if you count waller but he was being drafted as a wr I believe so it diluted his value. He also had drug problems. You can go in to any draft and have it littered with good ot, qb, wr, ect prospects. Look at this draft. 5-6 first round qbs, 5-6 first round wrs, 5-6 first round ots. That is why pitts is so high up the draft board. He's not something that comes along every draft. He
  5. You think his perception might have changed since he's seen him start and not stay healthy for years though?
  6. Agree with replacing every 4 years which is why I'd never want to sink that kind of capital into one. Invest in ol instead and make an average rb look above average instead.
  7. Absolutely no way I'm sinking a first plus whatever it would cost to trade up into a rb.
  8. And we would save a good chunk of cap space not having to sign a top 5 pick. As for the rest, it's the exact same info we've had for weeks. It could be a qb, pitts, sewell or a trade down. Groundbreaking stuff.
  9. It's easy to say take the qb when you don't gotta worry about getting fired for making the wrong decision. He also lead off with the fact that he's a home town kid instead of it being anything about football.
  10. That and flesh of my flesh was a big part of my childhood
  11. Pick 4 costs more to sign than every pick we would receive, combined. We already have 51 players signed. Each additional pick signed knocks 660k at the minimum off of the cap so anything past the 3rd round is net even
  12. Is that what they'd call their offense? Lethal weapon 4? Every time they score a TD they all to 'book em danny!'
  13. I'm not sure how stock piling picks over the next few drafts would be screwing ourselves. A top 5 pick can bust just as easily as pick 19.
  14. I don't see anybody adamant about staying put. You got a f because you took a rb....lmao.
  15. I think most that are in the pro pitts camp are 100% on the trade down train and would actually prefer it. I think most of the board can agree that a trade down is preferred.
  16. And the people that beat the bpa drum suddenly don't want bpa anymore.
  17. Stafford never showed he was a diva either. I'm not saying matt is gonna go all t.o. and put everything out in the public...
  18. I say mad because matt knows he only has a few years left to win a super bowl and his ticket to the hof. Taking a qb there pretty much concedes that won't be happening.
  19. Yep. I'm sure that's exactly what a first year coach and gm wants to deal with right out the gate. Oh yea, the pats drafting jimmy g created a rift in that organization too and it eventually caused brady to leave. All of that tension for absolutely nothing.
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