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  1. Always 'for the future' when the dude is sucking yet we had posters here gobbling fields nuts when he got a TD in spot duty. Not a peep the past few weeks though.
  2. 65% comp with 6 tds in 5 games to go along with 6 ints is looking like the man?? Two of those games being the jets and Texans?
  3. At this point the falcons should trade Ryan as a favor to him for being loyal all these years when he gets surrounded with trash year after year.
  4. Smith started all 16 games for the Cowboys last season and led the team with 154 tackles, but he was frequently scrutinized for his lack of speed and, perhaps more importantly, effort. He started Weeks 2 and 3 for Dallas before playing just 40% of snaps in Week 4. The Cowboys still owe Smith $7.2 million for this season. He's free to sign elsewhere in the meantime No thanks on taking on another lack of effort player. The cowboys cut him and paid him 7.2 mil just to go away. Gigantic red flag.
  5. Telling that not a single team would give up anything for him.
  6. Not a single person stops to question why he was CUT? Even if he was expendable because of Parsons why was he cut and not traded??
  7. Because it would have wasted over half of the 'rookie window' where you have a qb on the cheap so it's easier to build around him. Fields entire first contract would also be hamstrung by Ryan's also counting towards the cap. We would be spending like 50+ mil on qbs.....I still don't understand how that's such a hard concept to grasp. Look at when most qbs win a Superbowl....it's on their rookie contract..
  8. This thread freaked me the f out. Already left for work so i couldn't record.....I was wondering how I messed up so badly....glad it wasn't me lmao.
  9. Being an NFL ref is probably harder than being a nuclear engineer....
  10. Don't even care about that cause no team really tanks. We had chances to trade vic, takk and others and never took them tho. We should have traded Julio a year ago, there's a lot of trades we should have made but the old regime was too busy trying to chase one more opportunity before they got fired.
  11. Y'all aren't prepared to make the sacrifices that they did to acquire those picks. Any time anybody mentions trading any above average player for picks y'all get scared. They traded superstar players and wasn't scared to do it.
  12. Well now we know the vax is terrible for you if we are the first to do it.
  13. There's no chance he gets traded for just a 2nd. You're going to have to add a 1st and probably another 3rd the next year.
  14. IMHO it's because our safeties need to be interchangeable and moehrig is more of a classic free safety. Grant can pretty much do it all back there. Moehrig might be slightly better in the coverage department, especially when asked to play that single high role, but grant is much better In run support, tackling, ect. From what I've seen of peas he likes his safeties to do it all so he can line them up in multiple locations to confuse the offense.
  15. Jamarcus Russell had one of the strongest arms in nfl history. How'd that work out? It's almost as if it takes more than being able to chuck the ball over that there mountain
  16. You said Ryan with Calvin Johnson or Jerry rice would be 'useless' even though he made Julio one of the best of all time. Also, Jerry would have been the perfect wr to play with Ryan as he wasn't a speed guy either. He was a technician. Just because you said other stuff doesn't make the dumb part of your post any less dumb.
  17. Top end tight ends and safeties have been a staple of the past few super bowl teams.
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