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  1. Spend 5 minutes in ABF and you'll be cured of all your urges to talk about politics. Trust me.
  2. Sorry that kayoh has to come hijack all of your threads with his nonsense.
  3. Injuries.
  4. I said we needed a TE because we were 3rd in the NFL last year in two TE sets ran. If last year showed us anything its that multiple weapons at EVERY position is a good thing.
  5. Remember that time that I told you numbers are just numbers without context? Perfect example. Maybe start paying attention to player news like I said.
  6. **** Twitter you scary
  7. I love how open it looks. You could buy nosebleed seats to get in and just chill at a bar and still be able to watch the game....
  8. If a team had our weapons and that defense you could throw Trent Dilfer out at QB and they'd be scary. Not really saying much.
  9. Cam Newton will be witnessed with a towel over his head sulking at least two times.....go ahead and guess when.
  10. Gonna start a cherry shortage with all the cherry picking you do.
  11. Steve Mcnair was an MVP too.
  12. Problem located
  13. It's from alcoholism. He has some disease which the name escapes me.
  14. The Browns got a 2nd rounder to take Osweiler.....
  15. Tribuskey looked really good in his first NFL game action. Obvioiusly it was against backups, but still.