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  1. You mean Dan Quinn isn't the only coach in the nfl that makes bad in game decisions sometimes? It's almost like coaching might be harder when you're not watching on TV.
  2. People believe everything the idiot box tells them.... The truth is literally on video. ****in morons.
  3. Why have people not given up on trying to be like the pats yet? You can't be like the pats without bellichick.....
  4. That would still make him the shortest qb in the nfl.
  5. You don't know takk. I'm just as qualified to diagnose you as you are to diagnose him
  6. You also said he doesn't have 'mental capacity' I'd be willing to bet he has more than you.....
  7. It does show that he has explosive traits tho.... Obviously It has no practical football applications.
  8. You're bringing up Johnson and Sanchez like they were starters all year long. It took multiple injuries for them to see the field.....
  9. How many 5'9'' franchise qbs are there tho? Even brees is almost 6' and he's an anomoly. His odds in football are not very good.
  10. Because you get the **** beat out of you in football. Baseball players make more to play an easier game on the body. Would you want your child to play football or baseball if he excelled at both?
  11. Murray likely won't even be drafted..... He's playing baseball. He'd be a complete fool not to.
  12. This is why nobody takes the Sark haters seriously.
  13. The other day you were talking about morals and being true to your word on freaking injury reports... This shouldn't even be a question for such a morally superior being.
  14. Or maybe it had nothing to do with football and he didn't want to live in Atlanta? Not sure why people never take things like that into consideration.
  15. Just a few short years ago we were all gushing over the broncos and Seahawks defenses. Times aren't changing, just no team really has a dominant defense at the moment. Parkey doesn't shank that kick and this thread doesn't exist.