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  1. I'll never re-watch that game. Maybe when we win one....maybe.
  2. 32 TDs puts a QB in the top 5 every single year since 2012.
  3. 30 mil in 2019 will be the same as 25 mil in 2017. It makes no difference. The salary cap has gone up 5-10% every year since the new CBA....
  4. 5 wide with Jake Matthews reported as eligible. Yea, I was blazed.
  5. I have a sneaky suspicion that Trufant will be the nickle while Collins and Alford stay outside. Tru isn't nearly as physical as either Collins or Alford and the more physical guys (Evans for example) are usually playing outside. This allows Tru to showcase his quickness in the slot on all of those underneath passes that ate us alive last year.
  6. Or it could be the fact that he's like 5th or 6th on the progression chart on any given play. Are you going to Hardy if Julio is open also? Because Julio is going to be the first option the majority of the time and last I checked the dude is pretty good at getting open.
  7. Goal line carries would heavily skew that stat IMO. I'd like to see where those runs up the middle took place at. Ok, just looked it up. On carries between the opponents 1-10 yard line Freeman had 30 carries for 50 yards. 1.7 ypa. He had 8 TD's within 3 yards or fewer. I don't know for sure, but I'd be willing to be a lot of those runs were up the middle as 5 of them were from the 1 yard line.
  8. If they're 'honoring' Vick, they better just go ahead and sign the deed to the new stadium over to Ryan....
  9. Keanu Neal is 3rd....
  10. Why should "committee" rbs who produce make less than say a wr2? You can play multiple rbs the same way you can play multiple receivers. I don't get this committee nonsense. Fact: Julio Jones is the only player over the last two seasons with more yards than Freeman. This "committee" rb has outproduced every rb in the league over the last two years.
  11. So mediocre players on crappy teams should make more than better players on better teams? This sounds like some kind of NFL socialism....
  12. 1. David Johnson 2. Ezekiel Elliott 3. Leveon Bell 4. Demarco Murray 5. Lesean Mccoy 6. Jordan Howard The only players to have more yards from scrimmage than Freeman last year. Why would we want to run him into the ground with carries when he's one of the best receiving backs in the league??? Freeman is #2 in yards per scrimmage in the entire league since he became the starter.
  13. The fact that his catch rate is so low WITH the low amount of drops even highlights this fact. There are only two possibilities. Either Cam is inaccurate as a passer or Benjamin can't get open.
  14. Dependable not dropping passes does not equal dependable getting open. Who said anything about drops? You're arguing against something that was never said. HE CAN'T GET OPEN.. He's decent in the red zone because of his height, but he cannot separate.
  15. Reliable? 50% catch rate. Huge yards? He averages 60 yards per game for his career. Making **** up just to make yourself feel better is only going to cause a bigger let down.