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  1. Ryans contract is going to continue to be reworked and then he will be extended for a few years, just like with Brees. That's how this will be manipulated.
  2. This would be like flicking yourself in the nuts.
  3. Ryan has had how many coaches, offensive coordinators, ECT? Ryan on the Steelers, pats, ravens, any team with good, consistent coaching and he's a multiple time super bowl champion. He just had the misfortune of getting drafted by the falcons
  4. Even if we did hire Lefleur in 2017, we're replacing him in 2019 anyway. You seemed to have glossed over that. He left for a HC gig that he wasn't getting here.
  5. His offense was ranked 15th while his defense was ranked 9th. We outscored their offense by 5 points with Koetter calling plays. This is like saying Quinn was responsible for the 2016 offense and record.
  6. Or it could have been that they knew he was going to be getting HC offers soon and didn't want to go through the same thing they did with Shanny?
  7. Which is what every QB in the NFL should say or you should sit the bench.
  8. If I'm TD I spend every last drop because my job is likely on t he line.
  9. Tried to tell y'all the draft class would barely make a dent...
  10. The draft class only costs 2.2 mil to sign.... Every player we sign pushes somebody else off of the top 51 players. https://www.google.com/amp/s/overthecap.com/the-cap-space-required-to-sign-draft-picks/amp/ This was written when we had two second rounders tho
  11. Give them exactly what the Steelers gave up for fitzpatrick and tell them they have to take carpenter and his cap hit
  12. i work in a restaurant in a busy tourist town. Im in contact with peoples spit and whatever else all over dishes and whatnot. Should I be afraid of going to work? Cause I'm not. Edit: we're open for business. Should probably clarify
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