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  1. You're crying about us losing guys you wanted us to replace already.
  2. That dude moves that fast at almost 270 pounds?? That's insane.
  3. You don't draft a run stuffer in the top 10. Kawann short and Luke made that defense go, not star.
  4. The Vikings were a top 5 pass rushing team with zero pass rushing DTS on the roster. It's almost like there's more than one way to get it done. You'll just ignore and continue to cry like a little girl though so you do you bro and by bro I mean never my bro
  5. Like the idea but Johnson might not even make it to our 2nd rounder. 100% gone by the 3rd..he's a top 5 cb in the draft.
  6. If they believed that so strongly, Hill would have been the one starting last year, not Bridgewater.
  7. Maybe its that. I just remember him being close to 30. The chances of him making it now are very, very slim.
  8. You know hill is already 31 right? He isn't a new thing.
  9. Looks like we are ok with cominskys development.
  10. He was affected by losing saffold and whitworth being 40 years old. Watch the tape.
  11. Tru was abysmal in multiple games. People only think he had a good year because he actually caught a few ints. Tru will be fine on a team that runs more zone concepts.
  12. Both addition by subtraction. Tru was handicapping us and our ability to play more press man because he's bad at it and Campbell is one of the worst cover LBS in the league.
  13. The politicizing of the virus is the hoax, not the virus. Anybody that cannot see that in that quote is instantly ignored as someone who has zero cognitive dissonance. Bye to you.
  14. Even though the other side completely and utterly failed the people of New York. I live in a small town of 40k in Tennessee and we were pretty late to react to everything, but we still had our schools closed a full week earlier than those clowns up there. They were too busy telling their citizens to go eat at Chinatown and having 'hug a chinese person' day.