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  1. Yep... Nobody cried for us when we had to play toilolo at rt.
  2. The offense executes and you wanna know if Matt Ryan is calling the Plays...
  3. Your previous post was an attack on us and I feel dumber for reading it.
  4. Except for the whole living in a **** and piss hole part.
  5. We will quit blaming the oc for player failures one day.... It's like some of you learned nothing from 2016.
  6. Yea maxwell isn't good enough for all of that...
  7. If you play to not get injured you're for sure going to get injured. Big bruising rbs don't have stronger brains....
  8. They clearly missed Tyrone Smith more.
  9. Do you have zero control of your emotions or are you just the biggest flip flopper of all time?
  10. Just lol at the people still denying the nfl is suffering right now.
  11. If we have nothing to lose why would we stunt hoopers development for a 30+ year old?? That you smitty?
  12. A professional writer with a grammatical mistake in the first line of his article calling somebody else poor at their job?
  13. Arrogance is thinking the falcons could have signed bowman with 975k worth of cap space. The Raiders have 8 mil in cap space. He also gets to keep his family where they're at. The smug one here is you.
  14. Fan predictions have nothing to do with the organization. Making mistakes doesn't equal arrogant. Not making a move at the deadline was a mistake? How can a hypothetical move that doesn't exist be a mistake? The person sounding smug and arrogant here is op
  15. It's not Matts fault that Julio is allergic to the endzone.