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  1. The only free agent rb I have any interest in would be marlon mack. Other than that draft a guy or maybe even two. I'd love a 1-2 punch of javonte williams and rhavondre stevenson. Stevenson is probably big enough to double as fullback as well...
  2. Very possible tbh. I think we need a tone setting running game though. Everything about this team is finesse. We need physicality from somewhere and the running game is a good place to start.
  3. That'll have to be next years draft then because Ryan is 35.
  4. Brees is 42, not 35. That is a 7 year difference.....Brees falling off has nothing to do with Ryan. He's almost a decade younger.
  5. A lot of times teams will extend guys and add 'dummy years' to a contract. Basically it's a portion of a contract that they're never intended to see, but it's used as a way to spread some of the money across multiple years. Just another way of cap manipulation.
  6. That's not important. It doesn't have to make sense. That's why he's going to the Saints who are 70 mil over the cap.
  7. Yes just so we can call the secondary Trillville.
  8. Something tells me that Houston is too stupid to get rid of him so they're going to screw themselves somehow.
  9. I'd bet money that neither get traded and it's largely the media drumming something up that's not there because they don't have anything else to talk about with no combine
  10. 3rd rounder. Kinda reminds me of Trask too and could probably get him around the same spot
  11. I'm sure you've seen me post this a few times. Its the absolute only way taking a qb at 4 is justified. I'd probably go so far as to say move on from julio as well and rebuild dolphins style.
  12. I don't like the washington trade. 12 and two 5ths for 19 and two 3rds? That's not enough imo. The draft is ok. I like the concept anyway, but like others have said I'd like to see a cb sooner.
  13. They're gonna get a 3rd for David Culley from the new minority hires rules.
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