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  1. Hire him with him knowing that it's a 2 year gig to get the last drops out of julio and ryan. Maybe if he knows it's not a long term commitment he will be willing to coach again.
  2. Didn't think I'd get a list....I figured I'd at least get one name tho but your argument is so shallow that you couldn't even muster that.
  3. Ever think that maybe some people are better at certain things? Who are all of these aspiring black coaches that just aren't getting the opportunity? I would like to see a list of deserving black coaches that are just being held down by the man.
  4. So it's ok for the majority of the players to be black, but it's not ok for the majority of the coaches to be white? Maybe we need to have a rooney rule for skill positions where a certain number need to be white. That sounds fair.
  5. I remember the last coordinator we hired that worked with a really good head coach and all world talent on his side of the ball....what was that guy's name?
  6. Negotiations with him would be brutal. He'd probably try to rob us.
  7. This is the route we're almost forced to take. We need a win now guy. Harbaugh and Kubiak (if we could interest him in coaching again knowing it'd be a short term gig) would be two of my top choices.)
  8. We are not going to be getting any comp picks the next few years because there's gonna be a new hc that will want to bring in players for his scheme. That will equal lots of turnover
  9. And some people thought we were gonna get picks for him...lol
  10. I'm not sure what picks some of you expected to receive from a de with 17.5 career sacks in 4 years and chronic shoulder problems and is also currently hurt. He might have fetched is a 7th like charles harris but we clearly tried to trade him but nobody bit
  11. Big tough guy that we don't wanna say mean stuff to in person on the internet crying again.
  12. Another case of a former falcon leaving and moving on to become an all pro somewhere else
  13. I don't know any tough guys who spend their days whining over the Internet so I'd say he's safe.
  14. Nobody was giving us a 2nd for hooper....and we're already going to have an extra 5th, 2x 6ths and a 7th. The money saved from trading Freeman a year ago would have been nice though.
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