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  1. Never thought I'd like one of your posts lmao
  2. Fields wasnt the only qb we passed on.
  3. Do we win a super bowl if we traded up for JJ Watt instead? Purely hypothetical obviously. Exact same trade but we take Watt instead of Julio. What happens?
  4. We have ridley for 3 more years minimum. It's not even worth worrying about because it'll be an entirely new team by then
  5. By the time we have to sign ridley we have a 100% clear cap table. What are you talking about?
  6. He needs to explain how we possibly could have did that cap wise. The answer is we couldn't have
  7. A 2nd, a 4th and 35 mil in cap space over this year and next. The cap space is easily worth another high 2nd
  8. Titans ate the entire contract. We just pay the remaining guaranteed money
  9. All the crossing route patters are made for Ridley.
  10. https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/ask/calvin-ridley-list-of-games-without-julio-jones 8 catches - 91 yards 5 catches - 110 yards 8 catches - 136 yards 6 catches - 50 yards and a TD 8 catches - 124 yards and a TD 10 catches - 163 yards and a TD 5 catches - 130 yards 8 catches - 52 yards Yea, bro. Total no show. Only averages 7.25 catches, 107 yards and .375 TDs a game no Julio. 16 games of that comes to 116 catches, 1712 yards and 6 TDs. Julio's career averages are 6.25 catches, 95.5 yards and .44 TDs a game.
  11. And if julio continues to have injury problems they get stuck with an albatross of a contract that we no longer have to deal with. This goes both ways. It's julio and 15 mil this year and 20 mil next year. I can't imagine why you'd leave that giant detail out.
  12. Julio has never been the only threat on the falcons, ever. He's always had Roddy or tony g or ridley. Nice revisionist history.
  13. So julio threw the ball to himself? No wr does **** singlehandedly. You're spewing estrogen and emotion right now
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