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  1. Winning in the nfl is too much about luck to risk an all in..... Matt Ryan could get hurt Sunday and then this season along with the foreseeable future would all be ******...
  2. Also Tru had both of his safeties out last year. You think that trust in the other guy doesn't make a big difference??
  3. He was trying to cover guys with zero pass rush in front of him in a vanilla *** scheme
  4. Kayoh told me that Jordan Willis was going to be a star because of his bend score.
  5. There is absolutely no way we are in a position to give up a very cheap first rounder contract for another 20 mil a year player.
  6. Right up until poor little Jalen didn't get his way on something and was requesting a trade again.
  7. What happens the first time dq makes a decision that he doesn't agree with? It wasn't his decision to make even if he was right.
  8. Hes Antonio brown without the cte yet.
  9. When the steelers gm decided to screw the pooch as bad as you possibly can..
  10. Then draft one. This team drafts too well to be throwing away picks and giant contracts for players when we're already over the cap for next season.
  11. No thanks on tying up a bajillion dollars in corners. If wrs don't win football games then the guys covering them don't either.
  12. It was his first game back from a torn Achilles.... Context.
  13. I was told last year that injuries aren't an excuse.
  14. Because they have no idea what they're watching.
  15. They were playing zone. How is it not obvious? He didn't even try to run with Agholor....