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  1. Posts like this is exactly why he should think like that.
  2. Wanting a raise doesn't make you a diva. You guys are ridiculous.
  3. lmfao. Yea, he's got a full stream of Michael Phelp's
  4. Look at Crumplers first 3 years and compare them to hooper. They're very comparable.
  5. Lol @ all the people crapping on the chiefs and then not knowing they had Watkins too.
  6. Who questions Alford??
  7. Or it could simply be that ricos contract is already expired and the others are not....
  8. You have to be insane to want to trade Julio for draft picks for next year when we're a legit super bowl contender this year.... The only way I'm trading Julio is for an impact player on either line...
  9. On obvious passing situations this could work.
  10. You just don't know how to talk to people.... Lol
  11. Why can't you just shut up and have faith? Same reason probably
  12. Julio could simply be after more guaranteed money. We've paid out nearly all of his guaranteed money already. He probably knows that he's not the healthiest receiver in the league and wants to strike one more guaranteed deal. This would likely have little affect on the cap as it's not a pay raise just a pay guarantee...... Stop with the doom and gloom. It's ridiculous to think that Julio getting a few more mil is just going to decimate the team.
  13. I don't know and neither do you because they've said nothing. That's the whole **** point simpleton.
  14. A reporter has never made up a story, right? I see ZERO quotes from anybody employed by the falcons. Not one coach not one player.