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  1. If you've watched the NFL for any amount of time you'd know that it literally only takes one drop to ruin a season.
  2. Why would anybody want a free agent receiver when the Albert Wilsons are getting 8 mil a year.....
  3. You think players are just robots and they're just going to play identically from year to year?
  4. But we used to love that play when it worked....Funny how that works.
  5. I always stay at the Omni. It's less than a half mile walk to the stadium and you can leave your room and literally take an elevator into a food court. Never have to move my car while I'm in atl. Nice convenience.
  6. Sark didn't drop 30 passes last year. The players did.
  7. You just said 9. If you want to be technical we don't have any of them yet. Why can you count them, but I can't?!?
  8. I'd almost guarantee we're losing one of Ishmael, Upshaw or Rubin, which like prof said, would cancel out Fusco
  9. He will definitely qualify for a comp pick. Correct. Anybody that got cut won't count
  10. I hope your room is padded.
  11. Who thought our roster was worth a crap in 2007 right before Ryan came along? They have very good football players. Gordon, Coleman and landry at WR They just used a 1st on Njoku who has a lot of potential Hyde and Duke @ RB. That is a formidable skill position group. Their defense has players too Jamie Collins Myles Garrett Emmanuel Ogbah They have Michael Jordan at CB for god sake (really, lol) They have a decent if not good foundation, but it'll go nowhere without a QB.
  12. An unnecessary risk when you own two of the top 4 picks in the draft. I just cannot see them drafting Barkley when they already have Duke and just signed Hyde. That is a pretty good combo.
  13. If they wait there is zero guarantee that they get Jackson and when they don't they're right back where they started. Still looking for a QB. Too many teams need QBs to be gambling like that.
  14. They literally tried this last year and ended up 0-16 lol....