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  1. Changing one player on our defense is not going to fix the problem. We are bad across the board. only bright spot in my opinion is Tru and **** he can't catch a ball to save his life. In my opinion we need to run a different scheme because we don't have the pass rushing LBers to run 34. We also need a D coordinator that will be aggressive and willing to bring pressure. Let those two stub corners we have man up and play physical. Or at least up to how the refs allow them too.
  2. This team has taken the demeanor of its head coach. " Oh, it was bad day for us, we played bad in all three phases, but we can get those things corrected and turned around by next week."Just listen to a Matt Ryan post game interview and it sounds like Smith wrote it. This team is soft and makes excuses after every loss. But one thing is for sure, it all falls on Blank. He writes the checks and it's on his shoulders to put a good product on the field. I really don't see any way that Blank can keep this staff intact unless we go deep into the playoffs. And to be honest, that sh@t ain't happening with this soft defense and ultra conservative "we didn't get the outcome we wanted today" I'm scared as **** to be aggressive and take a chance coach Mike Smith. I do love my. Falcons and have for over 25 years, but A. blank is asleep at the wheel and so is his coaching staff.
  3. Mike Smith and MIke Nolan need to be fired. Last years defense was bad, but this years defense is worse even with the the new additions. It has to be coaching. Bottom line, no more excuses. We need a fresh start and new philosophy.
  4. PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE Bree's. If we don't do that we are in for a long arse day. If we can make him move in the pocket and feel uncomfortable then we have a chance. Other wise we loose another close one
  5. Smitty has always lied about injuries this is no surprise folks
  6. The preseason is so telling. Let's just hand the Lambordi over to the skanks and their arrogant arse coach now because the preseason is soo important. If Brees lost all the weapons Ryan did last year your tune would be different and don't even talk about hits Ryan took. It will be a close game just like last years opener in the Sewer Dome that you can bank on.
  7. Weems is here for his punt covarage shills and toughness point blank. Also good insurance policy if Hester goes down
  8. Shouldnt be a surprise at this point. Every nobody has a career day against the falcons. Just go back and watch games from years past. Samkon Gado ripped us a new one running the ball. Geno Smith looked like Joe Montana against us. Michael Pittman always smashed us. Seems like below average player always make us look bad. Anyone that has followed the falcons over the last 10 years knows this. I cant explain it, maybe we are just a snake bit ball club.
  9. Lets see. 1. Bartu has zero bussiness even on the field, much less at starting MLB. 2. Hawley couldnt block a college nosetackle straight up much les a pro. 3. Lamar Holmes will end up letting Matt get killed. Baker was trash too. 4. Stephen Jackson is a washed up bodybuilder, not a running back anymore, but our bullheaded head coach Smitty will keep giving SJAX the ball. 5. Kroy is trash too. more concered about his hairstyle and making reality trash shows. 6. The defense cant stop anybody, not even our ones against their twos. Brees will rape our defense come 09-07-14. 7. STILL NO FREAKING PASS RUSH. BUT OSI LOOKS GOOD IN HIS DPR ROLL 8. And I qoute, "We played bad in all three phase of the game, but we have time to get those things corrected." Smitty has been correcting thos things since last year. Soft A-S-S headcoach equals a soft A-S-S team. 8. But hey, its only the preseason so its ok right folks. lmao. Thats the same watered down koolaid that Smittys serving this team and fan base. But as a Falcons die hard fan for 30 years Im not drinking it anymore. Smitty needs to hit the road.
  10. Smith is so freaking hardheaded Freeman will not touch the ball against the Saints unless its a blowout. Smith doesn't like change and all we will see old arse S-JAX and Quizz carrying the rock. Mark my words on that I have watched Smith do this many times
  11. What is sad is that the Texans are playing vanilla too. We are getting busted in the mouth and playing with no fire. Thats a Shi**y team I mean Smitty team team.
  12. I call him Shi**y not Smitty. The Texans are Bullying us around on both sides of the ball. Our ones on Defense and Offense are getting manhandled. Neither team is game planning so we are just getting hit in the mouth and not standing up. All that smack talk Smitty was doing about being tough and physical is all talk just like Shi**ys pre and post game pressers. The team is just like its head coach. Sorry to say
  13. I think Osi will thrive in that role. Im looking at maybe 10 or 11 sacks from him in that role. Plus with 6 from Mass, 4 from Beerman, 4 from Babs, Hag will get 2, Paul Sol. at least 2 and Im predicting Shembo will have 5. I almost forgot Peters will have 5 when he gets back. Throw in Willie Moe and some corner blitzes and we are looking ok.
  14. Maybe MOTHER NATURE CAN THROW some wins the Yucks way this year. I see bout 2 coming your way in that real stadium to go along with those real ugly uniforms. LMAO.
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