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  1. Oh I completely agree. I am not counting the Falcons out. I just know how perceptions can become distorted.
  2. Hopefully we see the evil Daniel Jones next Sunday and that he has one of those multi fumble, multi pic type of games.
  3. Funny because I am sure Giants fans see the Falcons as their best chance to get their first win of the season also. You have to understand that to every other team we play, we are the "get right" team on the schedule. I know it's hard for some fans to accept, but the Falcons are now that team that other fanbases can't wait to play. Anyway I say this game comes down to which QB screws up the least and quite honestly I really could see that going either way.
  4. And neither of those HC's would have those SB rings without having arguably the two best QB's in the game. Andy Reid never really impressed me much. He squandered a lot of talent during his time in Philly and was known as a playoff choker until Patrick Mahomes literally fell into his arms.
  5. I hope you're right, but we need to improve in protecting Ryan very fast. Next two games are winnable games, but only if Ryan has more time to throw.
  6. It helps to watch these games with extremely low expectations. That way nothing is really that bad. Some fans might be concerned by Ryans 3 INT's or the mostly poor play from our o-line. But then I realize it's just a game and that I cannot allow the Falcons to consume me or make frustrated. Now if you will excuse me I have to go and break something
  7. Kind of expected the Falcons to get back in it, but in the end we just make to many mistakes and look confused more and more. On to next week. Hope we can just not suck as much as the Giants.
  8. Good for Julio. Unfortunately his team is probably going to lose.
  9. That's impossible. Or at least they have their work cut out for them.
  10. I see little evidence that Ryan can be accurate deep down the field. When he does go deep his throws are mostly short of the receiver and off target. Just to be clear I am not saying all the blame is on Ryan, but it is clear that Ryan is not the same threat down the field that we are used to seeing.
  11. Matt Ryan and throws of more than 20 yards down the field are just not a thing anymore. I think we just have to accept that.
  12. A TD by Patterson. I should be excited but I would say more relief that at least we will not get shut out.
  13. Do we really need 4 quarters to see who the better team is here. How about we call it at the half and move on to next week. I've already seen enough.
  14. Arthur Smith reminds me a lot of the last guy we fired. Can't put my finger on it, but...
  15. He must think it's Lamar Jackson under center. Would explain a lot of the play calling.
  16. Wow can't even make a yard. What a tough group of Falcons we have.
  17. LOL Brady commits first turnover of the game. Looks like I lost that bet. Nice though and I will take it.
  18. Yes a 15 yard penalty against Bucs. Our only defensive weapon.
  19. This reminds me of a college FBS super program carving up some weak FCS team as a tune up game before a big conference showdown the next week.
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