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  1. When you can't even add an extra digit to your single digit on the score board, I thinks it's time for a new plan. I would say this was an embarrassing display by our offense, but that probably leaves a lot of disasters from the past out.
  2. OMG we are in the victory formation. My eyes are bleeding
  3. I love how our defense gets beats constantly on 3rd and forever. I am convinced it could be 3rd and 98 yards to go and we would give up the first down.
  4. Sure looked like textbook intentional grounding to me. I am sure if Matt had thrown it into the ground like that they would have called it.
  5. Here come the flags to help the Panthers "matriculate" their way down the field.
  6. At least if they score a TD they can't beat us. See positive thinking.
  7. Yes more throws to Julio please. Let's keep our foot on the throttle for once and just see if that leads to a win.
  8. Wouldn't Blank be more comfortable getting a lap dance back in some swanky ATL drive thru gentleman's club.
  9. Oh great Blank is on the sideline and we start screwing up.
  10. Bridgewater is an idiot who doesn't know how to protect himself. Anybody with a brain is taught to slide feet first. But he decided to dive ahead and the defender was already leading with his momentum. This aint a video game, you can't just hit the pause button or transform the shape of your body. Maybe Bridgewater will learn how to properly give himself up in the future, at least if he expects to have a future.
  11. I am so sick of ht NFL and these BS rules on how you can't hit the QB. If the QB takes off an runs he should be fair game. There is no way that should ever be a penalty. **** the Panthers anyway.
  12. That hit didn't look that bad. But I am sure it will get labeled a dirty hit. BS.
  13. You do realize this is the Falcons, right? The only thing that shocked me was that Falcons only rushed three on the last play of the game. I was sorta expecting that they would rush two. LMFAO!!!
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