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  1. The Saints are the better team this season and we all knew that going on. But this performance by the Falcons shows that there is ZERO leadership on this team. The Falcons have fumbled away a game and looked clueless in the process. This team can no longer even perform the basics. It's time for a radical change this off-season and that means getting rid of both players and coaches that don't have what it takes between the ears to get the job done. Talent is not the most important factor IMO, it's desire and intelligence. And I have said before that we have too many stupid players and coaches on this team.
  2. If Quinn was a real coach he would run bench Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones for the next game. But he isn't a real coach so nothing will happen.
  4. We need a new slogan. This whole Brotherhood crap is getting old.
  5. LOL @ Dungy with your season is on line. Um season was over when we blew easy wins against Dallas and Cleveland.
  6. You know it's been a bad night, when Hall is having the best night on kick-offs returns.
  7. God hates Atlanta. That's all I got,
  8. OMG a thee and out. Like winning the lottery in these parts.
  9. This is beyond embarrassing. Not one throw in the backfield to Julio. This isn't even professional football the Falcons are playing. Quinn and Sark have lost all ability to do the basics.
  10. Run a screen to Julio you mother fcking morons
  11. Well that's the game. Maybe I will watch next week, but just about tired of watching this team.
  12. The biggest problem with Matt is that he tries too hard and forces things that aren't there. Like earlier in the game when in the red zone, he is literally running around in circle before he gets sacked, waiting for a receiver to get open, when he could have ran with the ball for at least 5 yards if not a first down. Ryan is a great pocket passer, he really is, he just doesn't do well when the pocket breaks down. If Matt was a more mobile QB he would be able to keep more drives alive, but he isn't so it's all or nothing for him. We have wasted Ryan's best years by absolutely refusing to build a great offensive line around him, and now it affects other areas including the run game, and our inability to gain even a yard when we need it. Now that window is almost closed, we have all these offensive weapons, but we cannot utilize them because Ryan needs more time than a normal elite QB to make a play.
  13. If we can't stop the Saints, even if we score a TD we still have no shot of winning. I agree with Dungy, for once, that we need to stop running the football, because Coleman is not big enough to penetrate the Saints DL and we obviously cannot create lanes for him with our OL. So we need to go to more screens getting the ball into the hands of Julio, Riddley, and Coleman.
  14. Nice job Julio. Not only can you no longer score consistently, now you are screwing over the rest of the team. 3 points in one half, and supposedly we have all these offensive weapons. Yet we have idiots that cannot hold onto the football, defensive players who move forward as the receiver runs past them, and an offensive line that can barely stand up to a slight wind gust. This is some great football we have here.