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  1. Hard to believe we won two games in a row just a few weeks ago. Seems like a completely different season.
  2. Gotta love the exact zero coaching adjustments made in the game. You can see that Ryan is being sacked left and right and yet the same play calling all night and no changes made to roll Ryan out on an RPO or something, not one adjustment made all night long. Stupid coaching. And you can't fix stupid.
  3. Worst offensive line in the NFL. But lets draft another wide receiver hey Dimitroff.
  4. It's adorable that Dan Quinn thinks he still has a job after this season. Dude should be updating his resume instead of thinking his team still gives a **** about anything he says or does.
  5. Man Ryan looks so good in garbage time. Always good to pad those stats. Right?
  6. Matt Ryan always looks good in garbage time. I wonder why! Not really
  7. He will be fired at the end of the season. But Dimitroff needs to go along with him.
  8. Sorry I haven't posted in forever but felt compelled to post what a idiot Ryan is. He will finish his career with lots of eye catching stats but where it counts he will never really have measured up to the lofty hype that has been heaped upon him. He has always been short between the ears and that last play demonstrates that more than any other one play I can think of.
  9. I always thought this guy was shady. I didn't like it when the Falcons drafted him and now those suspicions are confirmed. At least they wasted no time in cutting this guy.
  10. I am very surprised that both Gregory and Collins made it through the 1st round. I would love to have either one of those in the 2nd round.
  11. LOL @ Saints fan at the draft. He was like Ok don't really know him, but I'll clap anyway.
  12. Just one year I would like to be picking last in the 1st round, and not have it be because of a trade.
  13. I am really starting to think that Collins could fall right into our lap in the 2nd round.
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