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  1. Why would you not go for it here. What do you have to lose?
  2. This is kind of a meaningless game for both teams. The Bucs aren't really playing for anything either, except seeding position. Bucs are risking a lot playing their starters as long as they have. They have already lost Mike Evans to a knee injury. Better hope they don't suffer any more injuries.
  3. Yeah we gained an inch for a TD. It only took two plays but we got it done. Time to celebrate.
  4. How does Gurly not score a TD. Just extend the ball and fall forward and its a TD. Only the Falcons.
  5. KC just had a bad game and played down to their level of competition. Falcons defense is really hot garbage and has been all season.
  6. Well I would say that we now have a chance to repay the Bucs by coming from behind like they did to us a few weeks ago, but I know better.
  7. The point is that everyone on the Falcons seems to agree that Jones could return if the game was important. He was reevaluated earlier last week and it was a coaches decision to hold him out. Same as this week. If I thought that Julio was incapable of playing due to the severity of the hamstring injury that would be one thing. Obviously if a player is injured they should not play. No one should have to play if they are truly still injured. But there is a big difference between being injured and just hurt. Hurt means you can play. Injured you cannot. Regardless, what kind of future d
  8. Jones doesn't have a hamstring tear, he has and has had since the Saints game a nagging hamstring injury. But please continue your mound of excuses. Heck the fans on this site are almost as soft as some of the players. 3 months due to a hamstring injury. LORD have mercy. I guess I have already got what I was looking for out of this post.
  9. How many professional NFL players have missed more than 4 games do to a hamstring.
  10. My gosh we are talking about a hamstring injury here. He didn't fall off a ladder while shingling a roof.
  11. So Julio is more important than the rest of the starters who are expected to finish the season today against the Bucs and also play through nagging injuries. Think of the message this sends to the team. If you have a nagging or lingering injury just sit it out. Amazing this team is so soft.
  12. Jones has not played since the Saints game back at the beginning of December. I understand that we are out of playoff contention and most would consider our remaining games "meaningless" but the rest of our starters are expected to play against the Bucs. I am going to make this short and sweet. This is unacceptable at the pro level. No player should miss four games due to a hamstring injury. The average number of games missed due to a hamstring injury is 2 1/2 games and most players return after missing just one game. Heck Drew Brees fractured like seven ribs and had a collapsed lung and
  13. Why are we challenging this? What a waste of a challenge and a time out
  14. That was a nice TD throw there by Ryan. He drilled that one.
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