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  1. Because it's easy to keep the discussion in one thread. Put all recommendations or personal reviews and discussions here (Just kidding, you don't have to). Newest movie I have seen: American Sniper Meh. Surprisingly shallow movie that seemed emotionally manipulative, especially during the credits. I like Brad Cooper but I feel like this movie could have had a much deeper impact had it examined whether killing a bunch of people was actually worth becoming famous over. But you know, Clint Eastwood. Hoo rah. Worst newest movie I have seen: 300: Rise of an Empire Good ******* lord. The slow-motion in this movie basically turned this into a 2.5 hour slide-show. I have defended 300 multiple times on this board. I love it for the faithful comic book adaptation that it is. I don't care that it glorifies white people and demonizes brown people. At the time it was unique and fun as ****, just good entertainment. This sequel is just ******* wretched nonsense though. 300 is the kind of movie you can only pull off once, as are movies like Sin City and The Watchmen. It's why the sequels for the first 2 are terrible and there never will be one for the 3rd. They are interesting and unique moments in cinema, but nothing worthy of imitation. Eva Green is intoxicating though, as she always is. I've never seen an actress with a more commanding screen presence or line delivery. I catch myself turning up the volume every time she speaks. I think I'm in love, brose. Really good movies that I have recently watched on Netflix: The One I Love If you're a fan of Mark Duplass, check it out. He's never not funny on some level. The dialogue is witty and the premise is refreshingly original. Snowpiercer Another refreshingly unique premise. My completely simplistic synopsis is: Game of Thrones on a futuristic train. Kind of.
  2. I'm looking so forward to seeing this.
  3. Yeah. It's a whole series of memes called Confused Travolta.
  4. Hold the ****, they made a Joe Dirt 2? Was it direct to video (what do we call that now, btw? Direct to streaming? Direct to rent?)
  5. I saw Creed with my dad around Christmas, but before that I can't remember the last time I saw a movie with another actual person. I get off work at 3:30 PM and when new movies come out I don't want to wait to go see them when most people I know typically get off around 5-6ish, so I just go around 4-4:30 and there's usually not a whole lot of people in the theater around that time, it's pretty great.
  6. I'm interested in this solely due to the fact that it's not found footage. I just can't do that style anymore.
  7. I really do think that there is a lot to be said for stories that are arrow-straight set within a world that is completely chaotic. The two best movies I've seen in the past several years are The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road, and both of them are bone thin on actual plot, but completely full on story and character, which I've continuously expressed as my personal favorite aspect of any book, movie, or show. Both of those movies have characters that feel like they have mountains of backstory, but instead of just shitting into the ears of the audience with contrived expository dialogue or energy sucking monologues, we're instead refreshingly shown their nuance through the interaction they have with their surrounding environments. By doing that, these worlds feel real and lived-in and teeming with the idea that a wide array of stories are happening off-camera, and the characters feel more real because of that. The plot of The Revenant can be summed up in a few seconds. "A man gets left for dead and uses the betrayal as the fuel for his survival." Likewise, Fury Road can be summed up as "A group of women who are slaves to a world created by men decide that they want to pave their own future. Also, Max makes a cameo." Those movies aren't about those basic plot points though, they're simply the vehicles that our characters are driving, and I'd much rather see characters driving the plot than the other way around.
  8. Yeah I'm doing the same thing. I'm not going to go see Carol or Room in the theater, but stuff like The Revanant, Mad Max, and Star Wars? Yeah those are must watch in the theater type movies. I did go see Creed in the theater around Christmas with my dad, and that was a really cool theater experience because people were actually cheering Donnie on like we were all watching a real fight.
  9. Perfect. Creed was incredible. Best "Rocky" movie since the first one.
  10. FOX movies don't give a got damm about the comics. Which is why most of them suck.
  11. Well if you ask me, this is definitely a movie you're going to want to see in the theater. I don't think it's a stretch to say that it's probably the most gorgeous movie that's ever been filmed. One of the few times that I've been so pulled into a movie that I could actually feel how ******* cold everyone must have been. There is one particularly brutal scene in the movie, and despite the fact that I was in the theater with about 5 other people, everyone was visibly squirming in their seats and a couple of them were yelling "UGH! OH! Stop!" it was definitely hard to watch. DiCaprio and Hardy were unbelievable, and Domhnall Gleeson was as good as he always is. I don't know that visually there will ever be another movie like it, but I definitely hope so, because it's a pretty great way to shoot a movie, using nothing but natural light.
  12. Going to use my AMC gift card for The Revanant today after work. Bart Scott.
  13. I don't know who Gina Carano is playing, but the chick with Colossus is something called Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Apparently she's a little known X-Men character.
  14. The world's most classically beautiful and talented actress Cate Blanchett has seemingly joined the cast of Thor: Ragnarok. I hope to allah she's a villain.
  15. Am I alone in thinking this cover is ****** up on so many different levels? This is some low-key racist shade being thrown if I've ever seen it.
  16. Finally watched Birdman. It was alright. Good performance from Norton. Chalk this movie up to me just not understanding the hype. Hollywood sucked its own **** hard on this one.
  17. Pants got tight. Legit laughed at Cap: Buck do you remember me? Bucky: I remember your mom. Rekt.
  18. Add Mads Mikkelsen to that already ridiculous cast.
  19. Same. Ejiofore is one of the Top 5 actors going in the business today. He was fantastic in The Martian. I can't wait to see him in Doctor Strange, along with Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, and Tilda Swinton. That in itself is a great cast.
  20. Yuuup. It's easily the best cast that has been assembled since The Departed.
  21. That looks awesome and has one **** of a cast with Kate Winslett, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck, Chiwetel Ejiofore, Anthony Mackie, Norman Reedus, Aaron Paul and Gal Gadot. Yeah, definitely seeing this one in the theater.
  22. Silver Linings Playbook was a great movie. Jennifer Lawrence won my soul forever with her role in it. Deniro and Cooper were their normally great selves, but Lawrence stole the ******* show. Still haven't watched Inherent Vice, and have tried to watch Birdman twice now. I've got to really try to find a time when I'm in the mood to sit down and commit to that movie, because the previous two times I have been bored to tears.
  23. Shia Labeouf is an incredible actor. If he wasn't such a gigantic shitgoon he'd be one of the most sought after guys in Hollywood right now. Charlie Countryman is a pretty great movie if you can find it, not sure if it's still on Netflix, but that's where I saw it. Speaking of Netflix, I checked out Cary Fukunaga's Beasts of No Nation and enjoyed the first half of it for the most part. Beautifully shot and scored, but gratuitously dark and violent which seriously upset my best friend's girlfriend who started yelling at us to turn it off and asked "Why the **** are you two watching this what is wrong with you guys???" We didn't of course, because both of us are bigger than her and she was holding a baby so she wasn't gon' do **** anyways, but it did get me to thinking how much was too much. There is a scene in this movie that was too much for me. Not too much that I turned off the TV and refused to finish, but too much that it made me not like the movie anymore from that point. It felt disgustingly manipulative and done for pure shock value. Not doubting that **** like this happens, but it didn't serve the story in any way other than eliciting a feeling of total revulsion. I don't even know if I'd feel comfortable recommending it, other than the possibility that it's a story everyone should know and see to wake them up to the horrors of the world, but since it takes place in an unnamed African country, it almost feels detached from the humanity that it's trying to portray, and serves to give the various forms of violence that aforementioned gratuitous feeling.