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  1. You don't know the first thing about being an actual person. Chris Kyle died a vile and racist piece of human ****, and people waved flags for him still I imagine that you will go with much less fan fare. There are no funerals for snakes.
  2. Without question, Tarantino would have said something much more interesting with that movie. He would have made the audience sit there through all 160+ deaths. With every beautiful white head that exploded out of that beautiful white verginer, 80 horrendous brown heads would have exploded with a bullet. A beautiful juxtaposition. And we'll wave flags on overpasses because Merica. The delicate white world should be thanking their delicate white lord that a senile old Republican who talks to empty chairs directed this movie, instead of someone who was interested in telling the real story of Chr
  3. "A good song by the Henry Rollins band." That's gotta be the first time that sentence ever existed.
  4. He brought 2 lives into the world, but took 160 out of it. Conveniently, they only really focused on the former. It would have been an interesting juxtaposition if there was a montage of him blowing people's heads apart while cutting back to his wife giving birth to their children.
  5. So much this. I said the same thing when the movie came out. If that movie was interested in telling his "true" story, then why didn't it show all the people he killed? Instead they showed us him holding his fake baby and getting weird during a backyard BBQ.I guess you can't sell the story on him being a racist killing machine though.
  6. You had to do some serious spine-twisting to make this political.
  7. This made me listen to the whole Gladiator soundtrack today. It really is a perfect soundtrack.He Michael Bay'd the **** out of it for his Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. I even pulled my phone out of my pocket to make sure it hadn't somehow jumped to that soundtrack somehow. I like his work on the Nolan Batmans and Inception too, but that also ends up sounding pretty similar.
  8. DC has given WB permission to make the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke rated R.
  9. Man Hans Zimmer used to be SO good before he became "generic guy to call when you need a generic soundtrack that sounds eye-rollingly similar to every other generic box office score."
  10. I totally get that, I have many guilty pleasures, mostly every movie with a superhero in it. If we're being honest, the Kill Bill movies are absolutely superhero movies as well. I think I even liked them when I first saw them, but when I went back to them a few years later maybe my tastes had changed and it was the first time I remember thinking "I'm just watching Tarantino masturbate." I do think I like Tarantino, and his contribution to film is pretty untouchable, but I also think that leaning into your own persona is a flaw that a lot of filmmakers have.
  11. God those Kill Bill movies were awful.
  12. Django Unchained was entirely forgettable and uninteresting, despite DiCaprio's greatest efforts to chew through the ridiculous scenery that he had to be apart of. Jamie Foxx is as wretched as he always is. Inglorious Basterds was good, but suffered from an excruciating pacing and another momentum killing bar scene midway through the movie. I'm just over the whole Tarantino schtick. He's never really matured or evolved as a film maker, and despite the fact that his movies are mostly good, they're only good in the sense that Tarantino movies are usually pretty good. Christopher Nolan has this
  13. Denver's defense is one of the best I've seen in a long time.
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