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  1. who needs to replace the aging qb right now? gonna be in the ****ter when he says he's done anyway. would love to have 2 more mid-round picks to make life easier on the newbie though.
  2. Saints actually have money and 2 good draft class the previous years. Lots of cheap talent, league ******.
  3. im just happy this choke wasnt in the NFCCG or SB...
  4. pretty much. saw the and1 during the loss to houston? it was like he won a championship with that and1
  5. Have you seen Green and Curry? They act like they have won it all already. The only respectable warrior imo is Thompson.
  6. I actually want LeBron to win, it'd do a lot for Cleveland and the way GS has been (cocky as ****), I want them to get demolished.
  7. i love how people discredit irving's defense. dude has shut down a good bit of the upper echelon of PGs this year and did it in a 15ish game stretch while still playing great offensive basketball. I'm not a fan of Irving's, but he turned it around defensively this year for sure.
  8. Yes, we all know that, and the way Cleveland is playing they aren't going to rush him back any time soon either. When GS plays them in the finals, he's going to want minutes. How does he get it with Kyrie back in the line up? By busting his *** in the opportunities he is given right now to play solid defense to have Blatt trust him out there vs. Curry, Thompson, and Livingston
  9. But that doesn't mean he will when Kyrie comes back. He's going to have to compete with Shumpert and JR for minutes at the guard position. If he proves his worth on the defensive end, he's going to get minutes. plain and simple
  10. A bench player who fights for minutes will do whatever it takes (diving for loose balls, constantly harassing on defense, being that irritating guy), those guys will get under players skin. Look at Green last year.
  11. I'm rooting for good basketball but delly didn't try to injure horford...he fell. The Korver one was a freak injury for a loose ball. Now the taj one was gritty, dude is the aggravating fly that harasses you
  12. Have you seen some of those landings? He throws his hands up in the air expecting a call. most of the time, the defender isn't even in the way for him to land on said foot. I like watching Curry play, dude has one of the quickest releases I've seen and is accurate as heck. What I don't like is the constant BS golden state gets away with. It was unbearable in other years with SA, this is even worse. Last year, you can't say SA flopped much in the finals, they just had extremely better ball movement.
  13. I was waiting to use that in a continuing argument! lol He's a baby face, so the media soaks it up, but he flops up there with the best of them. Someone needs to do what Asik did:
  14. Duncan flops, Parker does as well, Ginobili is the ultimate flopper, but notice everytime Curry shoots a 3, he lands on his *** somehow?
  15. Really? Because Green and Curry are EPIC floppers as well. Green doesn't flop offensively as much (exaggerating that game 2 call where Curry's 3 was waved off), but dude is the ultimate flopper on the defensive side of the ball (i.e. the two vs. AD where air knocked him down, Gasol's post move that green flew, etc). Lets not include the amount of BS calls that don't go against GS that go against their opponents. Moving screens, holds, etc that Bogut/Green do offensive play after offensive play, yet it never gets called. It happens slightly to Gasol and Asik and they got called for it so fast it wasn't even funny. But you're an LAL fan, you have a biased hatred to them just as much as they have one to you.