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  1. Get yourself an old Pinto. I hear those are pretty cheap. Don't shackle yourself to performance and reliability.
  2. IF Christians are correct about God's strict rule that you must bow down and call him "Da man" before you can be allowed to enter heaven, he is one insecure dude. FDIJSJ
  3. Everyone could learn something from a peabrain that tries to cover up their own sh## poopy. Am i rite?
  4. I disagree. It is all based on what people have been told. When it's considered heresy to question what you've been told, it should raise more questions such as "why?" Agreed. The default answer shouldn't just be God. Otherwise, we're no different than the history channel nut.
  5. I don't understand how adults, after finding out that the easter bunny and santa aren't real, say to themselves, "The third time is the charm. Everything else must be true"
  6. Was the resurrection the prequel to The Walking Dead?
  7. Is it true that your religion has declared war on Christmas? If yes: Can you postpone until next spring? If no: Merry Christmas.
  8. How does 1 become a member of this religion? Is there some kind of baptism?
  9. You said you were showing yourself out. /shrug What isn't classy about saying bye?
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