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    Anything to do with overhauling and customized vehicles, boats and large diesel equipment. Been a Falcons fan since 1970. Have been off and on these boards since '97-98. Lost a few passwords and usernames since. Decided to restart instead of whining about lost posts and usernames. GO FALCONS!!!!

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  1. OP, I really hope he gets owned by the Fudgies. Will love when Beasley knocks the hail out off that silly azz Rogers.
  2. I'm thinking the Falcons are a SB team, GO FALCONS!!!
  3. Excellent, I'm glad to see the whining. Feed them heads of fish.
  4. Well, winning last year's SB tends to make their fans that way. It's up to the Falcons to shut them up. GO FALCONS!!!
  5. This is a no-brainer. Coleman,needs to be in street clothes. Don't chance it.
  6. This. I'm proud of Ryan, he's the best QB we have ever had. He'll eventually get us to the promised land,bank on it.
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