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  1. If any Saints/Falcons fan wants to tune in 7pm-9pm CST tonight, our online radio show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/topsportsreportradio/2014/08/26/who-dat-confessional

  2. Yea, same thing over in Saints camp. We've gotten really bland offensive and defensive formations. Saints have basically run only shot gun or I-Form, defense has stuck to 4-2-5 and has basically never blitzed and has used press coverage 0 times... I want September 7th to roll around
  3. There's something about you I like. I can't put my finger on it, but its there.
  4. Got that right Not only do I enjoy it, I get paid for it, so, whats the big deal?
  5. At this point, if I were the Falcons, I'd sit Jones this week, much like the Saints are keeping their vets healthy/safe. Ryan/Jones have plenty of reps together, if he gets hurt in one of these preseason games, thats gonna really hurt yourseason.
  6. Well, if Hard Knocks determined success/championships... lol... I have enjoyed watching the Falcons so far though. I won't get to watch today's game till tomorrow as I'm doing film breakdowns of the Saints from last night. Falcons in 1 game so far looked surprisingly good from the RB/Line
  7. Just don't seem like much of a fan when you can't even be bothered to spell a guy's name right. As far as going .600 against the Falcons with RG4 as our QB? h3ll to the no.... Apology Accepted.
  8. So, you're saying, the Saints are so good we could beat the Falcons with Everson Griffen as our QB? If you're going to hype up a guy, at least spell his name right.... Ryan Griffin A la Favre/Rodgers, Manning/Luck, Montana/Young?
  9. Does anyone have the PFF grades from last night handy?
  10. ^ lol I think the Falcons could crack the top 15 based on the NFC's south easy schedule and IF, and only IF, they get a balanced run game. If they are playing shootout football, that isn't gonna fly.
  11. I feel like I'm back in Jr. High with the whole color switcharoo thing going on here
  12. Saints 13-3 Panthers 10-6 Falcons 9-7 Bucs 7-9
  13. Thank you. actually had to make an account to see em.
  14. ATL, just for me, could you show me the Saints grades (if you have PFF, if not, ignore)? Falcons graded out pretty well last night.
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