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  1. Very quickly, take it or leave it. When you are made to feel unwelcome you tend to not come back. And after the .net board went up it took all of 24 hours or less to feel very unwelcome. Traitor is not a word I accept lightly from anyone, yet I was part of the traitors when I tried to continue to post here. So I quit. But it Wad not the "traitors" that betrayed. It was those on here. Hope you get the RC you want, but it won't happen any time soon. As long as the ones who called us traitors FOR POSTING ON ANOTHER BOARD are on here most won't come back, at least not in peace. I post on several boards and have NEVER been called a traitor and other derogatory names for posting on other boards. I even post on 2 different Saints boards without "ownership" of me somehow being declared. Sorry, old RC, you brought this on yourself.
  2. And SHEis gonna shove it up the rival noses!
  3. And y'all last Superbowl appearance in the "what have you done for me now" league was.... hmmmm
  4. I have no idea who any of the wrestlers are except The Rock and The Hulk. But if there are 2 of me, cool!
  5. If Rita wins, the Saints are gone to whoever will pay the biggest price. The reason why, to stick it to Tom if he loses for firing her and to make him as miserable as possible. I wouldn't even rule out London because I believe Rita is a vindictive little B. that would see this as an opportunity to line her pockets and possibly kill her grandfather from a broken heart, even with Gale by his side. So sad!
  6. Not completely settled. We've still got Reese, Dave, whatever who is going to get a scathing reply from me tonight or tomorrow morning.
  7. Great! Actually, there are some very interesting topics popping up besides your boys will be boys segments. I am enjoying the freedom of being able to tell some people whereto stock it without worrying about getting booted. It's very liberating. I think I will enjoy posting in both as well as the occasional post at SR. I just want everyone on both sides to stop this "war" mentality that popped up, especially if RC does get closed. And nothing would surprise me, for sure.
  8. Do you see a URL anywhere in my sig or avi or anyplace else? Did I beg any one to follow me to the promised land? I went because if this board does shut down I have someplace to go with posters I know, not stuck on a Falcon board with nothing but falcon fans. Mono himself said they were thinking about closing RC. What do y'all expect the rival fans to do? Go to TATF? Cold day in heII. I'm planning on dropping in and posting as often as I can, unless I am not welcomed in which case I shall say happy trails. But this us them crap is stupid and uncalled for. Of course the new toy is being played with more at the moment. And over here y'all are jealous of the new toy so you turn your nose up at it instead. Most everyone wants to visit both boards - screw it, if y'all don't want me posting at both, say so. There are so many 6 year olds running around right now I feel like pulling an AP on a few. So tell me now.
  9. Sorry, Bayou, didn't see your answer before I replied. Can't you just imagine Sean's face nose to nose with hard knocks. I think there would be some hard knocks!
  10. No. As soon as Coach P found out about the hard knocks thing he cancelled the joint workouts. So no Hard Knocks for the Saints, even 2nd hand.
  11. Thanks for the update. I got lost in the conversation.
  12. What does this have to do with him kicking a helpless 5 pound dog to death?
  13. I lived in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots. One thing I never understood was why destroy your own area. I watched buildings burn that contained stores and diners and grocery stores. A couple of weeks later an old granny was saying she now has to take a bus 26 blocks to get groceries. I remember feeling so sorry for her, especially knowing she wouldn't have another neighborhood grocer for years, if ever. The one that was burned down, it was only a few years old, it was replacing one from the last riot in the 60s. Different city, same story. And the innocents suffer.
  14. From what the necropsy said it sounded like this little pup was kicked and stomped. I would wish him years in prison as this points to a lack of empathy at the least. But a fine will probably be it. I hope no other team picks him up.
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