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  1. Not completely settled. We've still got Reese, Dave, whatever who is going to get a scathing reply from me tonight or tomorrow morning.
  2. Great! Actually, there are some very interesting topics popping up besides your boys will be boys segments. I am enjoying the freedom of being able to tell some people whereto stock it without worrying about getting booted. It's very liberating. I think I will enjoy posting in both as well as the occasional post at SR. I just want everyone on both sides to stop this "war" mentality that popped up, especially if RC does get closed. And nothing would surprise me, for sure.
  3. Do you see a URL anywhere in my sig or avi or anyplace else? Did I beg any one to follow me to the promised land? I went because if this board does shut down I have someplace to go with posters I know, not stuck on a Falcon board with nothing but falcon fans. Mono himself said they were thinking about closing RC. What do y'all expect the rival fans to do? Go to TATF? Cold day in heII. I'm planning on dropping in and posting as often as I can, unless I am not welcomed in which case I shall say happy trails. But this us them crap is stupid and uncalled for. Of course the new toy is being played with more at the moment. And over here y'all are jealous of the new toy so you turn your nose up at it instead. Most everyone wants to visit both boards - screw it, if y'all don't want me posting at both, say so. There are so many 6 year olds running around right now I feel like pulling an AP on a few. So tell me now.
  4. OK, that made me LOL.
  5. That's my worry, too. Tho I must say the few times I have had to jump his case for crossing a line, he apologized and never did it again. I think he wants to be a good kid, but he also wants to be stank at the same time. I guess if Tugs thinks here will help then here it will be.
  6. I've never reported anyone, tho I came very close to doing so the last few weeks. Ignore buttons are wonderful, except when people use the quote button. Ah, well. I figured if I joined this community as a female (the only female as it turned out), I would be part of Male ritual and would rather scratch my eyes out than request y'all should conform to me. That is where I still stand. Reporting someone, except maybe a stalker, for the craziness here would be like reporting someone for pizzing in the woods. So, no reports from me.
  7. That kid needs some supervision. I was a Mod on a message board that was part of a jewelry store. Due the one phallic symbol necklass the message board was for 18+ only. (That is ****, it's hard enough to card while you are looking at person.) Maybe it's "Smarter" these days since it was before iPhone, pads, tablets, glow in the dark holograms at face level, etc. Anyway, I wouldn't mind him coming back, but I wish he could figure out the difference between being witty and crass. We get down & dirty crude sometimes, but I hope we can teach him not to be quite so 15.
  8. One thing I can tell y'all honestly, (him, too, if he's lurking), if he is 15 and I was his parent I would be Adrian Peterson all over his booty. If he is lying about his age, he should be outed.
  9. Back to the kid, did anyone around here ever prove he wasn't (almost) 16? If he is he should have never been in this sub-forum to begin with. Bytchy as it sounds this forum should be R rated, thus no DB. Is he site wide banned or just here? If he is site wide banned he probably will get back in, but not in restricted areas. If he is really of age he probably got banned for being a douscch. He could douscch post with the best of them!
  10. Sounds like tickles - laughing feels
  11. And they're.
  12. We just got everyone back. Let's keep it that way for a day, OK?
  13. Tugs should come back home and stay here as the RC MOD. And I have never reported anyone.
  14. The minstrel show, or minstrelsy, was a US form of entertainment developed in the 19th century, consisting of comic skits, variety acts, dancing, and music, performed by white people in blackface or, especially after theU.S. Civil War, by black people. Minstrel shows lampooned black people as dim-witted,[1] lazy,[1] buffoonish,[1][2]superstitious, happy-go-lucky,[1] and musical. The minstrel show began with briefburlesques and comic entr'actes in the early 1830s and emerged as a full-fledged form in the next decade. By 1848, blackface minstrel shows were the national artform, translating formal art such as opera into popular terms for a general audience.[3] Detail from cover of The Celebrated Negro Melodies, as Sung by the Virginia Minstrels, 1843
  15. They did? I love a new factoid to add to my arsenal! Thanks.