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  1. I 100% think that a Matt Ryan in his late 30’s could Garoppolo a team to the Super Bowl if he had the right team around him. If we want to throw this season away to get a top 3 draft pick that’s cool, but quarterback should not be our first selection.
  2. Look him up using image search too. Sweet mullet.
  3. Crap. Another one of my favorite players gone. Campbell is a beast.
  4. Dude doesn't drop many balls. Should fill the Harry Douglas role real well. Good pick.
  5. I like Abdullie a lot too. But Coleman out rushed Abdullah and he had the o-line of INDIANA. Dudes a beast.
  6. I think the season will be more proof of that.
  7. He is a big play waiting to happen. He's had 80 yard and 90 yard touchdown runs. He can break tackles. He is called the "Rock" and his muscles are near as big as the Rock's. He's got breakaway speed he ran for 2 touchdowns against the National Champions. Good pick.
  8. Most under appreciated RB that I can remember. The dude WAS the Indiana Hoosierrs football team. He's got power for days. Love this.
  9. No Dimitroff picks. I want it to be someone I've heard of.
  10. I actually like this pick. Very risky but he has a lot toughness and this could pay off for them.
  11. Good pick for GB. getting the MACtion defensive player of the year. Guy is super athletic
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