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  1. Like his 5-23 shooting and 3 rebounds in game 7 against the 76ers? See.... even basketball is a TEAM sport
  2. Let's just hope each player is ready to leave it on the field when their number is called. Everybody needs to step up and shine
  3. Right now it's a win. If we have success with the draft picks, it will be a win-win
  4. Supreme Court just made it legal to offer crab legs to college players 😂
  5. I think this team stat would be better off in percentages. I mean, the Jets top receiver had 699 yards... how much could they have thrown. Not saying our crappy ranking would skyrocket, but at least it's apples to apples
  6. Happy father of 5, one named Matthew Ryan. The kids are "taking me" minature golfing today and ice cream! Enjoy your day, dads!
  7. @ya_boi_jis correct, but it's the depth signings like this that makes a Gono injury a little more palatable
  8. Only idiots live below sea level. They suck. Also, I don't trust anyone with more fingers than teeth
  9. Me too! Unfortunately, I drink them with my meal, not in replacement of it 😂
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