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  1. I don't even think Mike Evans is the best receiver on his team anymore
  2. Each of them have weaknesses and strengths just like us. Make every division game count!
  3. Look, I watch on TV. I don't watch nor care about the anthem lol. I care about Falcons winning. Use him like Sanu on 3rd and short and trick plays, etc. Matt is an iron man. Schaub turned into a pick 6 machine. It makes sense. I didn't want to bring it up when it was on TAFT because of the politics, but Quinn said he would support his players protesting, which would make Kaepernick even more eager to want to come here.
  4. No. It was just the same guy that accused me of baiting a political thread when I was seriously inquiring about whether or not Kaepernick would be a better backup QB than Schaub for the same money. Then I turn around and see he started a thread that could be deemed political. No problem, just ironic
  5. Thought it was TAFT related and pretty sure everybody obeyed the rules, but I'm not gonna argue with the MODS
  6. This is a valid argument. Thanks for that
  7. Oh no, OP is setting himself up to ensure a political thread! And not even Falcons related. Funny how it works both ways....
  8. Don't get carried away now... and how is Benkert similar to Kaep?
  9. I would rather have Benkert as #2 over Schaub. I like him
  10. I'm not trying to bait anybody. He will be signed somewhere probably. If it's on the cheap, I would take him for reasons said above. No, I wouldn't want him if he's priced more than Schaub.
  11. If it gets locked, it's not because of anything I will do or say.
  12. Thanks for an intelligent answer. My thinking is if Matt goes down, we're screwed anyway. I think Kaep is an athlete that we could use above and beyond a backup QB. The question posed was for the same money as Schaub
  13. Why? The guy is going to play somewhere. He's not a better weapon than Schaub? I'm not blaming anybody or starting anything like that. It's a legitimate Falcons question. If you don't agree, just say so. Please don't try and warp my intelligence or intentions
  14. Without getting political, would you for the same money rather have Colin Kaepernick as your backup QB over Matt Schaub? I think Atlanta would be a great city to get a fresh start for him and he could be valuable in certain situations and/or trick plays. I say sign the man!
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