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  1. Compared to most tight ends back then, he was a monster. He was Graham before Graham
  2. I like the draft! Also, how many posts do I need before I can start a new topic? I don't think we have enough uniform threads yet. Just throwing it out there...
  3. I know.. I was just messing
  4. He was a monster with the Giants!
  5. Look for the bubble screen every other play like MJD!
  6. I may just start calling Hurst... da future! now
  7. "Increased role" ... guess that depends on who we draft, doesn't it?
  8. I would seriously consider him as head coach. Again, taking the Bucs to a winning record and playoff birth with 10 starting rookies says something. He knows how to coach young talent
  9. Coaches need to put people where he needs them.. wants be danged
  10. That's like the Loch Ness Monster. I'm still not seeing it. If DJ withered on the bench here and rose to glory elsewhere, sure. But to me, that's apples and oranges
  11. They look like my son's pajamas. ATL should be replaced with A-Town
  12. Why was DJ Shockey mentioned in the middle of that??
  13. My philosophy is to put the aces in their places
  14. Can we really afford great at this point? Quality veteran at a position of need