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    lmao warning for using adult language.what a joke of a mod too.

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  1. That guy is a retart for not having rodgers and brady on goat status and dak as a franchise qb
  2. The Tears are strong with this one.
  3. Could've sworn the other 10 guys in field just watch
  4. That would be great but we probably going to have trade up for him.
  5. Ryan would've been mvp in that run play action heavy offensive
  6. Lmao
  7. Haven't seen this yet but wanted to share with everyone here as soon as i saw it was falcon related.and a good story to tell.follow the channel too he puts a ton od football feel good stories and not so good.
  8. Lets draft a qb and put matt ryan at qb coach and offer tom brady Oc job . Lmao
  9. It's a vacant position..
  10. Well atleast he found a role for himself there.
  11. Can you recommend some of your favorite bands? I listen to almost everything same great story teller would be great.thanks man appreciate it
  12. What do you listen too?
  13. Well ****. I guess we just some very nervous fans when he heaves it high lmao
  14. Id smack dled for this fanbase and organization if i run into him