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  1. Even after he benched him for Fitzpatrick?
  2. He was comfortable with winston?
  3. You still crying over no uga players taken? Draft was a week ago get over it.cant ?watch some film because youre annoying af
  4. How do you down vote crap like this?
  5. I wish there was more film on him not that hyped up about him just yet.
  6. Ita more on the georgia homers than holyfiled
  7. I like turtles.
  8. We have 3 rbs on the roster amd drafted 1 possibly 2.quinn said wr green going to be a half i wouldnt be surprised if he just took a different offer else where
  9. Dt saunder out of western Illinois only one i wanted that tgey missed on tgat about it.but i have grown to really like our draft class and that move for og and rt.
  10. My bad youre right.lets see how many trick plays the TE coach calls this season.
  11. Those plays sucked .all we had was jerious Norwood in wildcat.which only worked once against rams
  12. I think theres more to rosen story that ex player are letting on.every former player on Nfl network is trashing rosen.