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  1. What? Win with smitty ball? No way lol that defense was just as bad every **** year
  2. I remember people on here complaing about TG being so good it would hurt matts development because hed look for TG too much lol
  3. Lmao of he could dont you think they wouldve tried it already? Oh thats right because us fans always know more than coaching staff because in madden.. Foye is fast but he gets lost in coverage.and you want to put him to cover more
  4. Does he know how to play SS in this scheme? Can he in a matter of days? Nope.this isnt madden
  5. Because this isn't madden
  6. He fudge up playing man 1 or 2 off and didnt even get his hands on the wr on that play.wr made a play
  7. **** get the season to show what hes got.blank isnt the type to fire a man adter hes been bailed on by petrino
  8. Yeah.I'm upset sbout the way things are too but to tweet at players Wtf lol crazy talk there are better things to do
  9. Grass is always greener on the other side.
  10. Nah they know when if they dont score the every drive they loss by 24
  11. Problem is defense since the super bowl loss.nothing has been fixed bunch of bums lining up next grady Jarrett
  12. No holding penalty? Against Ishmael lmao
  13. They wont even give him a chance when weve all seen enough from brown and wes and shembumlio
  14. I feel for him because nobody else can win their 1 on 1 opportunities smh or cover on the back end