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  1. Its a fair point... Thats got to be what the Saints are doing with Ryan Pace and the Bears. It would explain so much lol
  2. I aint mad. We have 28-3 I guess the football gods needed to even it up with 15 seconds and the no call and the vikings again...man its yall turn to lose in heartbreaking fashion
  3. The OC should be that scumbag that Tampa had as HC years ago that tried to take guys out during victory celebrations. Forgot his name but i think he was Rutgers HC Saints fans are all for it. Ya'll would get penalized more than we do lol
  4. Even if that was the case who's situation would you rather be in? Ill gladly keep taking these L's as long as it means we are competing. Those 7-9 years were trash because it kept us just low enough from getting top tier talent. Regardless, not here to troll but i would like to see yall turn it around. Not win anything...but bring back this rivalry lol
  5. Lies...as a saints fan watching week to week we dont even know what defense we are getting lol
  6. I have often thought refs should have press conferences with the media to have to answer for the game calls. Much like a HC or players
  7. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/27/saints-may-force-the-leagues-hand-on-antonio-brown/ This makes alot of sense. Force the NFLs hand and make them suspend him. Have him for next year
  8. Possibly...but Thomas is one of ABs biggest supporters. Wouldnt shock me if he suggested this
  9. He literally just signed an extension https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/sean-paytons-new-contract-among-the-richest-of-all-coaching-deals-in-professional-sports/amp/ "Payton's annual compensation reaches the range of $13 million per year in the deal"
  10. We've never paid 109 million for 5 guys which is what they will be doing in 2020. This makes Saints look amateurish in comparison. But the Rams have what seems to be a 2 year window and i hope that team fails miserably.
  11. Alot of it has to do with his assistant coaches as well. Payton was going through a pretty bad slump during the 7-9 years. He kept a bunch of guys that had no business coaching. Once he got over his own ego it helped. Plus, bringing in Jeff ireland with scouting and draft. I dont think Quinn is a terrible coach. Maybe he needs a staff overhaul and maybe some new scouting may help.
  12. Teddy doesnt do himself any favors as long as he holds on to the ball. I want to root for him to succeed because he is a quality guy but this offense is so hard to watch. Honestly, it was alarming how bad Armstead was in the cowboys game. Maybe injuries are catching up to him. Id say the only ones worth poaching on our line are Ram and Warford. McCoy is a pretty solid center for a rookie.
  13. Im not sure you guys should take our o line without Brees. Every other play is a penalty. Lol
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