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  1. This whole situation made me lol
  2. This ^^ After all the calamity from the last few games. A good fought win will do wonders for the teams confidence. I'm still part of the minority that thinks this team will get the shi together before its too late. I see flashes here and there. Some games have looked UGLY but barring the NE game, we have been in every game so far and can easily be 6-1. My optimistic self is saying, even when we're playing this awful, we still give teams a run for there money. I can't wait for them to get their mojo back and start dominating teams like last year. At least im hoping Towards the end our special teams group also did a nice job and was also a big help towards our win. That first half was garbage tho
  3. I know we're all hating on our favorite team right now but I just cant stand to cry like spoiled brat. I feel like were doing pretty good on offense( when we're not fumbling). The two drives we actually kept the ball, we scored. If not for hooper dropping that pass, thats two legit TD drives from our offense. As for the 3 incidents, i'll put those all under dome team playing in bad weather. Not giving them excuses but not something i wouldn't be concerned about every week. And our defense is playing pretty well. Bailed the offense out twice already. Im happy so far this game. As im typing just got a good defensive stand on a 3 and out.
  4. Well their defense did get them 7 points so technically our defense did hold them to under 24 :p
  5. Lmao that was actually very entertaining