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  1. I’d have to pass. On one hand you’d get cap relief but You’d be hard pressed to get his rare combo of talent and heart with even a 2nd round pick. So you get $16 to sign who another DT? He’s still a top 5 DT and probably one of two real starters on our defense.
  2. It wasn’t that Julio wanted to be traded, it was the revelation that he was a closeted diva that cared about himself and felt “disrespected” by the franchise that bent over backwards to make him happy.
  3. 11 point loss but we play a tick better than last week. Giants 37 Falcons 26
  4. Wow! You were that close to having a double header in 2016!
  5. Oh so THAT’S what it was for. Nevermind. Lucky I didn’t get the permanban that night.
  6. I know you can’t man just busting ya chops. I hope it wasn’t me. Last drunken rant I had on here was at 1:00 a.m on 2/6/2017. I’m sure you can figure out why.
  7. Yep. And speaking of name changes why did you change yours? And can you take that scarlet letter off my profile “Banned for Abusive behavior” or whatever? That was like 5 years ago. I feel like a registered sex offender on here or something 🙏
  8. You and I are cut from the same cloth my man 😂
  9. Question for the mods; Can I dump my monthly allotment of down votes all at once? Like say 10,000 then deactivate my down vote button? Just curious.
  10. Yeah I was probably grossly over optimistic before the season started but hey…I always dream “this will be the year they do it” and have since the 80s. I honestly have a new routine I follow on Sundays; 1. Find something to do OTHER than watch the Falcons. Today I continued finishing my basement. Hung the last two sections of faux brick paneling for the entertainment room. Then got 80% of the seams covered with joint compound. Should have the basement done in a month. 2. Wait until the game is 100% over to check the score. Prepare for the worst. Been doing this past 2 seasons. Honestly helps a lot. We’ll get better. Little improvements each week.
  11. Outlook doesn’t seem good? It was ONE game. **** he needs more than ONE season before you can say that man seriously. 1. Our offense under Shanny looked god awful year one. 2. Shanny’s 1st two seasons were disgusting in San Fran as pointed out previously.
  12. I’d say the Skins or whatever their called now. That’s my call. I have tempered my expectations for a playoff birth this years. Improvement each week for me.
  13. 43-19 Bucs. Koo has 4 field goals and we get a garbage time TD with 1:13 left in the game Rosen to Gage.
  14. You’re reactions & sarcasm are the best reason to open these threads 😂
  15. This is why you don’t post arrogant **** like this kids. ALWAYS comes back to bite you in the ***.
  16. Jesus. Those were all terrible picks If we’re picking top 5 again.
  17. Hold my beer… I’m a die hard Falcon fan AND Georgia Tech alum. You were saying?
  18. HAHAHAHAHA😂! **** you I threw my back out the other day and you just made it worse😂
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