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  1. 1998 SB was under Smith not Blank (as if that’s not the bat **** craziest thing said in OP).
  2. LOL! Draftnut you’re 2 for 2 lately on giving me a chuckle! 😂
  3. Jesus can we just have mediocre QBs in the division for once?????
  4. I watched it across the road at my neighbors house. Left when they tied it 28-28. I had left my phone at home and when I checked it I saw my best bud text “Sorry man”. Got plastered on a pint of vodka, when on an incoherent rant on TAFT....and got ban hammered at 1:30 a.m. 2/6/2017.
  5. That’s be an epic offseason. My favorite draft mock so far.
  6. 15. Trade down with Bill and rake his *** over the coals. Pickup a haul of picks.
  7. What happened? I can’t find anything when I look it up?
  8. Why not keep them both? Matthews is a pretty good tackle and if we took Sewell we could potentially have a dominant oline with depth.
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