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  1. Yeah that was just stupid.Feel bad for the guy hate seeing a career end that way
  2. Trashiest group of football MB people on the net. Don’t worry won’t go there.
  3. I was talking about them playing Pitt.
  4. And it’s in NO so there’s that too.
  5. What comment did he make about Rivera?
  6. Never thought about that but I bet you're 100% correct. He's a monster this year.
  7. I've been all in with Quinn since he was hired! Love this guy. His a first time HC that took a defense full of rookies within overtime of a SB. He's still learning but he's overall been awesome!
  8. As a certified Jackass I wanna punch you in the face for associating that azzclown with our kind.
  9. Listening to him call in to 92.9 is even worse. Dumb *** face dials every third sentence.
  10. And the strip sack that was called an incomplete pass against the bengals
  11. They gonn love some Bruce Irving and Tak McKently
  12. I think he’s going to cool off some. He’s still a really good QB.
  13. We already picked it up. The staff likes Vic. Hes doing a much better job on this defense than most are giving him credit for.