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  1. Thanks for the clarification JD. Yeah I’ve let myself get in heated conversations on ABF. I learned to stay away from there.
  2. Wow. I’m terribly sorry. Nothing I ever saw you post was ever remotely racist.
  3. 1975 The year I was born. Still probably my favorite Falcon.
  4. Hey Vandy I never knew that. A good good friend of mine whom I met when I worked for UPS is 1st cousin to Steve’s wife Sandy. His name is Chip and he got Steve to sign a couple of personalized footballs to me. Gave me all of the cool stuff Steve had given to Chips mom and dad after they passed too. Said “You’re the biggest Bart fan I know. I know you’ll take care of this stuff”
  5. Not at all. I feel sorry for them for having to be in such close proximity to the worlds largest raw sewage repository.
  6. Did your mother I law recently have a mild case of COVID? One side effect is loss of smell. You can start smelling that **** pit when you get into Jackson Mississippi.
  7. Maybe most talented by not the best player. That would be Matt.
  8. Happy Birthday Athell! For the longest time I said your name UHTHELL. I’m ********.
  9. Seems like we’re really investing in our secondary this year. Wish we’d look at some edge guys too before it’s all done.
  10. There was a guy in the late 80s that work 10 for a few years. After 1990 no one has though
  11. FIFY. Can’t leave Bart outta that list
  12. I’ll second that. That’s the biggest endorsement he’s ever given any of our defensive guys
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