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  1. Reason 615 I can't stand TG.
  2. Look I'll readily admit I was a train wreck that night. I'm sure many of your remember my vodka fueled rant at 1:30 A.M. February 6th, 2017 that got me banned for a month back then. We were blaming ourselves for piss poor coaching, whiffed blocks, etc. Not gathering petitions to replay the game or suing the NFL for hurting our feelings. Its hilariously sad that site right now. TAFT has never been that bad. You still had people here right after the SB loss saying "Knock it off & get a ******* life". There is no rational minds over there.
  3. Bunch of emotional nancies man. Geez the Falcons get me upset but I don't let it affect my ******* work.
  4. Made me literally LOL!
  5. Our board wasn't half that bad after SBLI. It is truly a pathetic forum
  6. This is that Steve Urkel looking, screechy voiced little turd Bedwetter stirring **** up. Who cares.
  7. Ha! Doesn't surprise me coming from that turd.
  8. Me either before Sunday night but I can't help it. Comedy gold!
  9. And the simultaneous reaction of the Falcons fan base
  10. Weren’t they paying for a 28-3 sign in Atlanta in 2017? Now this. They are the most childish fan base on the planet.
  11. Gotta love Mudduck!!
  12. Oooo lawd!
  13. I hope so. I’m still baffled he was only an alternate to begin with.
  14. I think we’ll all agree he’s 1,000 times better than Mitch ******* Trubitsky.
  15. ****! Talk about trashy people!!! They sounded like they had a combined IQ of 75.