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  1. He missed 2 almost three games and has 4 sacks. He has been getting pressure & is often double teamed. Can't expect 15 sacks every year.
  2. Which means 11-5. Still means playoffs
  3. You do realize those online IQ test are ******** right? Just sayin...
  4. Well said. I've honestly gotten more bitter about LI as the days go by. I feel ABSOLUTELY no pity for this team. I didn't feel this way before but now I wish we had never made it to the SB last year. They embarrassed this whole state in epic fashion. I REALLY thought they would comeback strong this year but reality is this team is totally mentally destroyed and I don't see them ever recovering. The epic no show in NE convinced me of that. I'd love to think this team in its current iteration would win a SB but now I think that's never going to happen. They are a shell of the team they were.
  5. I have to respectfully disagree with this being normal variance. Dropping from 33.8 PPG to 21.5 PPG is unprecedented.
  6. The Browns at least have league championships albeit from 50 years ago.
  7. Cowboys 38 Falcons 20 MR-23/48 234 yds 1 td 3 ints 42.9 passer rating. DP-28/32 337 yds 4 tds 0 ints 150.1 passer rating.
  8. Same here. This team's mentality has been completely 100% destroyed. Couple that with an OC that has disappointed I don't see this being a game we are in. Looking at next years draft. Don't know what to look at since I personally think we have a lot less talent than people believe.
  9. Nothing to lose right now activating him week 11. Was there any definitive substance he was accused of using?
  10. 1. Offense's inability to sustain any rhythm for an entire game. 2. Our lack of interior pass rush. 3. Sporadic at best run defense.
  11. We ain’t getting Kubiak unfortunately
  12. Next year they’ll have Watt and Watson back and a better draft pick.
  13. KOG I love ya man but thinking one guy suddenly changed the mindset of a who mostly veteran team (Seattle) is a huge stretch for me. I wish we had him though.
  14. **** it! He’s trying to cancel your reverse mojo tl.