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  1. Been hearing this for 4 years. Whatever.
  2. Don't even get me started on Bloodline. Guy struggles too much for a top 6 pick.
  3. This reminded me of the Charlie Murphy story about Micky Free from Chapelle show. Cats were like “Yo you seen that new girl in Shalamar? Dude dat ***** fine like a mother ******!!”
  4. Seriously if I ever met this Bomani character I would have to slap him across his face.
  5. Sir I hope I am so wrong this thread is pinned and I am the butt of every TAFT joke from now til then end of time. I hope I am completely wrong.
  6. Happy Birthday! Have a good one big man!
  7. Happy Birthday Kemosabe! Make a wish that we finally win our ring this year!
  8. You know what you and I both were too. I get pissed at the Falcons ineptitude too. I'm 44 and remember saving up bottle caps for a Bartkowski Coca-Cola T-shirt back in the early 80s. Wore it for my Kindergaten picture (true story). No reason to **** on your team. He's an *******. Period.
  9. Kiwi this is why despite the enormous talent we have on offense I have slim expectations for this year. DK was a terrible fit to this team as it is made up. His philosophy is diametrically opposed to the strengths of Matt Ryan and the make up of our offensive personnel. If he were this awesome OC Quinn would have had no hesitation about keeping him in 2015. Kubiak was not available and I am sure Blank was in panic mode and had Quinn pull the trigger on Kookie Koetter. I expect another sub .500 year and Quinn shown the door. 3 years (2019-2021) wasted in the twilight of Jones and Ryan.
  10. Sark got alot of cruel treatment around here for his problems with alcohol. They should be ashamed. I hope he makes a full recovery.
  11. Dan Quinn is on my **** list but with that being said the above is really silly and inaccurate. Quinn's defense dominated a RW led Seahawks team, a HOT Aaron Rodgers led GB team and is the only team to dominate the Patriots defensively as bad as they did for 3 quarters of a SB. In fact I would argue if that slimebag Shanny had used the clock more (consistently leaving 25+ seconds on the clock play after play and running a 4 times in the second half) we probably win that game by two scores.
  12. I love it but IDK if it’s the best yet Adams. That 1st one he did in 2016 still gives me goose bumps.
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