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  1. Why does everybody want Jacksonville to win a SB??? I'd rather see Minnesota or Philly. Jacksonville doesn't even deserve a team let alone a Lombardi. I hope NE curb stomps them.
  2. A team that just gave up 42 points & 5 TDs to Pittburgh is not even remotely close to historic.
  3. I can’t stop laughing at this one!
  4. These never get old! There is a God! Karma is REAL!!
  5. Because that ALL complainers around here want to do. Complain harp on the best coach this organization has ever had in Dann Quinn. People wanted a defensive turnaround and got it with him. Most impatient bunch of people around I swear.
  6. I had already decided after Saturday night that was what was going to happen. I was watching the Vikings score on my phone and when they went up 24-23 I decided I was going away from football for a while. Then when I saw the score go 29-24 it was like a huge relief. For it to happen that way to that slimy fan base is all the better.
  7. Over on Toilet Report They’re claiming it was not a big deal.
  8. Well you can change it to the first back to back seasons that Atlanta had playoff wins. That’s saying a lot
  9. I’m laying here in the bed, tearing up from laughing
  10. Last thing he did was call a play that lost a SB. Since when does a DC call offensive plays? So now a it’s QUINN that lost SB 48 AND 51!
  11. Do everyone including your miserable self a favor and take a few months off from TAFT. Your trolling of these threads that are very cathartic for a lot of us is getting ridiculous We got 67 posts of yours back that you find no pleasure in this. We know you’ve been a fan since forever (like 80%of the folks on TAFT including me). Just go away.
  12. Love seeing those scumbags suffer. **** that team, **** that city and **** their inbred fans!
  13. Exactly. I remember walking across the street from my neighbor's house after SB51. I was devastated. Got drunk. Cried like a baby alone in my Falcon Cave. Did some drunk posting that got me banned on here. But I never destroyed any property. Just stupid.