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  1. Oh LAWD! Yes please!!!
  2. Me too. I was so pissed to see him go ONE slot before we picked. Still am.
  3. That was awesome! I dont hate hate the dude he IS from Atlanta. This definitely brought him up a lot to me though!
  4. Wished we could have grabbed Mack.
  5. He bent over to pick up the morning paper this morning and this happened
  6. Oh bull! He said most coaches would have called runs in that situation. You spout off “Bill Belichek wouldn’t” then he cited TWO examples showing that’s EXACTLY what he did in a similar situation.
  7. Well he did post two examples to the contrary. So no.
  8. That’s what I’ve been trying to say too.
  9. Do you seriously think he’s Brady 2... You know what never mind. People like to ***** about everything like I said earlier. This felt good. Not letting y’all ruin it with this nonsense
  10. 19 games where we where dropping passes like dollar bills in cheap strip joint. Make them burn time outs. Running guarantees they burn them.
  11. Perhaps but again I want Carolina to burn all heir TOs. With the drops we’ve had over the past previous 19 games a Completion is far from a gimme.
  12. No it’s not. Our offense was handling NE for 3 quarters being aggressive. Then stayed overly aggressive and look what happened. Again pass on 3rd down ends up an incompletion thats another TO. NO guarantee passing on 3rd results in a completion let alone a 1st down. Make them burn their TOs.
  13. Yeah. They didn’t have the OPTION of picking up a 5th year option on those two guys.
  14. Exactly.’same people *****ing about being over aggressive in SBLI are the same ones *****ing now about being too conservative. Pass on 3rd down and get an incompletion. Guess what you just gave Carolina another TO. I was down on this team all week and am happy we won in a convincing way DESPITE being down two of our best defenders.