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  1. I swear on all that is holy if we pick ANOTHER O-lineman with a top 6 pick I’m going to the new GMs house and stabbing him in the neck with a knife.
  2. We’re the Washington Generals of the NFL. It’s time to embrace it.
  3. These clowns would try to fall on the ball after it went went 5 yards.
  4. He was my favorite Falcon for years. I don’t know if any of you Gen Xers r meber but you could collect Coke bottle or Coke caps and get this gray t-shirt that had 10 and Bartkowski on the back. One of my friends is 1st cousin to Sandy Steve’s wife. She actually lived with them for a while when she was younger. He gave me a lot of personal things that Steve gave his Dad when his Dad pastes away.
  5. I’m sorry I didn’t see anything untoward in that video. Are they in trouble for how terrible their dancing was?
  6. I want him. Sure as **** sick of these Tampa retreads we have now that some people think have “turned things around” who’ve done nothing but beat up on a couple midgets.
  7. In before Draftnut chimes in beating his chest he said he wanted him.
  8. I still see the same problems that have plagued this team since Quinning was here. Get big leads. Spit the bit and hang on by the skin of their teeth to win a game when they do win. Had we been against a vet QB (not that Lock is terrible) we lose. Morris thank you for your service but we are moving on.
  9. Tak is a punk. I remember a fan on here said the guy was a total ***** during autographs signing at Flowery Branch one year. An immature turd whose departure from the Falcons won’t happen soon enough. I
  10. I think it would have been a more competitive SB but I think the Broncos were the best team in the NFL. That being said.Eugene Robinson is a total piece of self righteous ****.
  11. @Knight of God was preaching TJ Watt that year. Let’s not forget he’s been screaming for a real safety for half a decade. Maybe we should screen shot some of his recommendations from the past 10 years and send them to Artie. He could be our new GM.
  12. What’s really weird is I have been having all these strange dreams lately due to stress at work. Last night I dreamed Arizona beat Tennessee to win the SB.
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