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  1. OK so after calming down and reevaluating, the black home uniforms are starting to grow on me.
  2. A young Barry Sanders wouldn’t be a good fit for Koetter.
  3. Cliff notes: 1. He’s pumped 2. He’s Jacked. 3. They have toughness. i didn’t actually watch it but I’m pretty sure that’s what he said.
  4. Well they’re not what I would call legit unless you mean legit garbage but yes those are sadly real.
  5. Basically the same helmet
  6. These are terrible. So much hype for something that is this sloppy.
  7. What is wrong with you people???? SB LI and Katrina Bowl in one week? It's depressing enough with this Wuhan virus **** going on and you want to add to your own misery???
  8. Wow! Looks like we got him on the cheap end really.
  9. Good to hear someone with something POSITIVE to say on this site. Too many negative people trying to scare everyone here lately.
  10. Wow! You bash the **** out of the US who is being transparent then praise the regime that caused this cluster**** by hiding information for weeks on end. You REALLY believe the information coming out of China on the number of deaths???
  11. Mad534563453 does this with EVERYTHING. Guy is a dirtbag.
  12. So I guess Mad597 is a negative sky is falling dooosh tool about topics other than the Falcons as well. Learn something new every day.
  13. I'd be very tempted. Screw Kookie Koetter. I don't want our future to hinge on that clown.
  14. I appreciate that. Thanks for the update LOL!