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  1. We need to worry about righting our own ship. If we play anything like last week won’t matter if Brees is out all season. We ain’t winning the division.
  2. Guy that is from Philly that I work with( started with a new company back in April). He came in in wearing his Eagles shirt last Monday. Evidently Rocky Mountain Pizza across from Georgia Tech is an Eagles hangout. He was bragging how two guys came in last Sunday one wearing a Redskins jersey and another dressed in Falcons gear they started yelling “********! ********”. Said it was the Philly experience and was proud of it.
  3. He’s looked meh last 2 games. This happens every... you know what never mind.
  4. I’m expecting a loss but that’s cool. I expected like you said some growing pains.
  5. You’re a fine American though since you bleed Red and Black!
  6. Eagles were In The same boat as the Falcons until 2017 but they act like they are the New England Patriots. Actually heard a guy guy who is originally from Philly today bragging about how the Philly fans at Rocky Mountain Pizza in Atlanta started yelling ******* to a guy that came in wearing a Falcons jersey.
  7. I wish we would try.
  8. I really don’t expect us to win but I’ll love this team til the end!!
  9. Pretty sweet man!! Good luck to you and the ‘Hawks this year!
  10. Watched a Dukes of Hazzard episode just last night that had him in it. Wish we had him now.
  11. Welcome to the boards man. Yep Falcons and Vikes share a kindred spirit of ineptitude and misery. Hopefully one of us wins it all soon. Our fan bases deserve it.
  12. Saints have Had the refs in their pocket since 2005. There were multiple missed calls that should have went against them in that game as well. They got the ball in OT and proceeded to throw an interception. Theyre an entitled miserable bunch of whiny children. That’s all I have to say.