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  1. He's not a troll but he can be an *** hole at times.
  2. Still pisses me off. Oh well.
  3. And the previous years SB chokers keep sitting with their thumbs up their *****.
  4. They’ll find a way to **** it up. It’s not 1988 anymore.
  5. I can’t believe anyone thought otherwise.
  6. Oh good lord you’re STILL hung up on ******* GURLEY??? Let it go man.
  7. Agreed but I will say IMHO momentum and confidence are attached at the hip. A negative/positive shift in one results in a equal negative/positive shift in the other. And for the record I love Free. Still pissed about that missed block though
  8. Talk to me when you don't do stupid **** like this
  9. What’s wrong with his voice? Does he have some sort of speech impediment? He’s like a grown up crack addict version of Steve Urkel
  10. I can’t stop laughing!
  11. I don’t give a **** what that whiny assed clown has to say.
  12. Happy Birthday good man!
  13. My mistake it was from this past May https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/college/texas-am/Article/Texas-AM-safety-Armani-Watts-is-projected-as-a-first-round-pick-to-Dallas-in-next-years-draft-52671249/Amp
  14. Love seeing stories like this