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  1. Glad they are seeing that its time to let failures or never were players leave with dignity.
  2. He banned me to for being "creative" with my spelling on certain anglosaxon obscenities.
  3. we've had success with smaller receivers over the years. if the kid can play, let him play. its merits that count, not size.
  4. I like the fact Maponga plays pissed. He was everywhere in college. A living nightmare. It will be interesting in training camp.
  5. The shear fact we beefed up the lines to help collapse the pocket makes.us better. We have the makings of a solid secondary and with the added beef stopping the run should improve. I think we are far better. At least on paper.
  6. I don't this.k you can call a Guy mired with injuries a true bust. Injuries are out of your control for the most part. Being lazy, not studying or working out, or getting into trouble constantly are bustable offenses IMO. Spoon has had massive amounts of pressure to be the focal of the defense. And sadly dude is made of cotton candy.
  7. that's OK bro. The TE was a decentnplayer in college. I'm not sure he got over his back injury.
  8. Durability with talent trumps All Pro skills but brittle. Especially in the NFL now. if rosters were 70 players, you could horde players and rehab them for any time you were patient with. 53 players leaves you no room to be sentimental. Spoon is good, but he's not Jesse Tuggle good.
  9. I like it. But I have to think we keep another DT. Smallwood may see the PS.
  10. Shembo gets to earn or burn the chance. Hopefully he embraces this like a mutha and gets to it.
  11. Spoon was not injury prone in college. Nor was Baker. Jerry had a knee issue that was healed, his last knee issue was not related to his other injury. TD cannot be blamed for players getting hurt. **** happens.
  12. I don't like the term Bust and the way it gets thrown around. Spoon is just one unlucky man. Bust? Nah.
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