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  1. Glad Osi is sticking with his mentor/situational pass rusher role, the young guys definently need all the reps they can get. Anybody know if we're practicing against another team this year? Like we did with the Bengals last year, that will be our first real glimpse of how our team is going to look.

  2. It feels strange as a Falcons fan of late to be so excited about our Oline. I hope beyond hope we finally get to see Matt have an actual pocket and time throw. All that compiled with an apparent want to have a more down field attack along with a rejuvenated run game has me stoked. I just need to see it in action. Let's finally see our stupid slogan mean something. It's time to Rise the he11 up!

    Amen. It's been so long since I remember Turner running for over 150yrds in a game. I don't care which one of our RB's does it, but I want to see it again this year, hopefully on a regular basis. As much as I love watching pretty passes and highlight reel catches, I feel our best chance at getting to a Super Bowl is a return to a dominate run game with a lethal pass attack to compliment it.

  3. I appreciate you taking the time to do these highlights, I don't have access to rewatch our games from last season so I like being able to refresh my memory, unfortunately I haven't enjoyed the reminder lol.

    Cardinals are one of my most looked forward to games of next season, mainly because I know how much of a problem they give our O-Line, and if we can protect Ryan this year against them, it would show were going in the right direction with our new additions. Unfortunately we play them Week 13, so I'm sure we'll know where our O-Line stands before we play them. I pray were much improved.

  4. So glad we finally got some coaches who show "tough love". I liked hearing Tice in his video interview talking about fixing issues with O-Line, little technique issues with there hand placement and footwork. If I remember correctly he was specifically talking about Baker aswell.

    "I've always felt that people that say you can't by physical in pass [protection] don't know what they're talking about," Tice said. "I think we've got to change some mindsets around here, and that's what we're trying to do. We're trying to change the mindsets of the guys up front to understand that if there's a 60-play game, you're in 60 boxing matches."

    This makes me think that this was what he was referring to about changing Bakers technique, hopefully to be more physical in his pass protection.

  5. I hope this kid man learns as much as he can from his time with SJax. I absolutely love listening to Freeman speak in his interviews, so refreshing to hear someone speak articulately. Can't wait for some news from OTA's whenever he gets there.

  6. I still think Holmes has some upside, as I recall last season, he would usually start off the games playing well for the 1st qtr and usually half the 2nd, the rest of the game however I remember him looking gassed out and sluggish. Hopefully he put in the work to get his conditioning up to par, and with some good coaching from Tice this year, hopefully we'll see some improvement

  7. Hey guys, I've been a reader of these forums for probably the last 2 years, don't know why I've never bothered creating an account until now.

    As the name suggests I'm a fan from north of border, grew up a fan of hockey until I was about 12 or so, that's when I watched my first SuperBowl and became instantly addicted to football(was the 2001 Ravens vs Giants if your wondering). After that I started looking into some teams seeing as there was no Canadian home team to support, I live an hour away from Detroit but growing up a Leafs fan I hated everything about Detroit, so there was way I was supporting the Lions lol. With my favourite colour being red the Falcons, Chiefs, and Cardinals were the 3 that jumped out to me, and with both Falcons and Cardinals having top 5 picks I looked into there history and eventually settled on the Atlanta Falcons. Been a die-hard fan ever since :)

    Well that's just a little bit about me and I look forward to future discussions :)

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