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  1. I'll believe it when he's actually a free agent, and if he does become one, I'm all for signing him.
  2. That first post worried me, glad to see he is just staying the night there before flying to Atlanta. I've had a feeling, with him being branch of the Bill Parcells tree, Pioli being Parcells son in law, and reportedly Parcells suggesting Bowles should take Atlanta job if offered, that he'd give us every opportunity to hire him. Hope I'm right.
  3. LOL, I don't give a **** about Blank selling PSL's to his billion dollar venue, I care about winning games, and Todd Bowles will help us do that.
  4. Not sure if this tweet was posted yet but @NBCdianna I'm told by several that Rex Ryan lost interest in Atlanta because front office is too involved. Rex wants less hands in pot. #bills https://twitter.com/NBCdianna/status/554360769295679488 Not that I'll be disappointed with either Quinn or Bowles if we land one of them, but it sucks knowing we lost a candidate because of our idiot GM.
  5. Why would we ask questions about free agency and the draft to a head coach candidate? You really think there in tune with what players are going to be free agents this year and which players are coming out in the draft? I think the questions will be more along the lines "What is your philosophy on building a SuperBowl winning team?" and "What is your opinion on our players, and where do you believe our strengths and weaknesses are on each side of the ball? And how do you believe we fix them?"
  6. This doesn't suprise me at all, Gase has a one week window to interview if he wants to. If he doesn't take any interviews this week, he most likely won't get hired as a head coach because teams don't like the risk of waiting around for someone who might not take the job anyways. I'm not a fan of Gase by any means but he's been talked about as a hot commodity so it's no suprise we're going to try and interview him.
  7. Thanks for posting this, I don't typically watch the game highlights, I like to watch the condensed version of the game a second time instead. I probably wouldn't have checked this out otherwise, and it was well worth it. I can't stand Heath Evans, he's the worst analyst on NFL network by far, and listening to his heartbroken voiceover of Falcon highlights was the final nail in the Saints coffin for me.
  8. Hageman was hauling *** down the field behind Osi lol...I actually really like seeing that from him
  9. A few weeks back someone took the time to post a thread with links to a bunch of articles refering to how much input Mr.Blank has had on this teams personnel. From the Falcons filter restricting us from picking players with red flags, to his prying hands forcing a big splash trade for Julio Jones(one I do like). I think there was a change after last years 4-12 debacle, as this years draft wasn't the typical Falcons draft. With that said, unless Blank could somehow lure Eric Decosta away from the Ravens, which I don't think is possible, I beleive Dimi deserves a chance to hire a second coach. A
  10. I like Biermann, I admire the guy for the fact he has always given 110%, he's done nothing to deserve the hate he gets here. It's not his fault the coaches start him when he should be nothing more than a situational player. But the coaches do start him, and he works his *** off, and gives us everything he's got on Sundays. I hate watching him constantly get close but not quite there for a sack, only to watch the opposing QB throw a first down pass, just like everyone else here, but at the end of the day, it's the coaches fault for starting him. Although as pathetic as it seems he probably is o
  11. PFT article says it's same injury Romo and Baylor's Petty had, both missed 1 game because of it.
  12. This Falcons fan may cheer when Newton stinks it up because of who he plays for, but I never wish harm to anybody. Hopefully it's nothing to serious and there just loading him into ambulance for precautionary measures.
  13. Would be recognized around the league if we had a **** pass rush
  14. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/article-1/Jones-Remains-Humble-After-Career-Day/634de166-7715-46ad-a7eb-51b86d0bf4e7 I love Jones mentality, going to be fun watching him continue to grow in a Falcons uni
  15. I'd love Harbaugh but I'm not willing to give up any draft picks for him, especially to the 49ers. I'm with the poster above, call there bluff like the rest of the league will, and go after him when he's on the open market.
  16. LOL I remember watching this game. That Tomlin timeout is still the slickest timeout ever called.
  17. I would love Decosta as GM but it wont happen. He has turned multiple interviews because he wants to take over the Ravens when Ozzie steps down. Atleast thats what I think I remember reading ayear or two ago.
  18. Not what I wanted to read this morning, but thanks for taking the time to put this together. I must have missed most of these articles regarding Blanks involvement, first I heard of it was that Parcells article a few weeks ago. I think Blank is a good owner, and I believe he truly loves this team and is commited to bring us a Lombardi, but the end of the season needs to be a reality check for him aswell. His constant meddling has obviously contributed to our soft team we field every Sunday, and makes me wonder about last years draft. Was it really the addition of Pioli and Cox that made us dra
  19. I would have been fine with the timeout to, if the idiot would have waited until there was 1second left on the play clock before calling it. Seriously, how stupid can you be? Obviously didn't learn from his mistake in the first half, when he did the same **** thing.
  20. I don't think this has anything to do with being soft, and everything to do with Arthur being loyal to the man that helped turn this franchise around. I believe it's time for Smith to be let go, mainly because I would like to see how the team and players react to a new a coach. It would be a great evaluation time, to see what we truly need for next year. On the other hand, we are still somehow in the playoff hunt, and I believe that Blank would face alot of media criticism if he fired a coach while the team is still in the hunt(not that I agree with this logic). I'm glad my name is not Arthur
  21. I would love to see his post-game speech to the team. What could Smith honestly say to the guys, they know Smith cost them this game in the worst way. If I was a player I don't even know if I'd want to hear him say a word, sorry just isn't good enough for someone who has been in the NFL as long as Smitty has.
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