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  1. He has poor discipline when playing off coverage, and he gets drafted into a Mike Smith defense...lol
  2. From NFL.com Day 2 practice report http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000624897/article/michigan-lb-harbaugh-slid-on-hotel-floor-in-khakis-for-qb-demo Atlanta Falcons: Arkansas State TE Darion Griswold, Stony Brook DE Victor Ochi, Oregon DL Alex Balducci
  3. Can't wait to see what Shaq Lawson does on the big stage. He's so far my favourite of the passrushers, violent hands, really good pass rush moves, plays the run, only glaring weakness is his lack of anticipating the snapcount..
  4. It's actually quite refreshing to see two people here disagree on a topic, have multiple replies to each other stating there opinion, and haven't insulted each other.
  5. I'm always the optimist, so my prediction is a 27-13 Falcons win. I think we make some good adjustments from the bye that gets our run game back in rhythm and we take advantage of some good, long, clock-eating drives that actually result in points this time :-D. Prediction aside, any win, be it sloppy and mistake prone, or 4qtrs of shutdown football, and I'm good until next week.
  6. I cant comment on the low hits to Ryan without rewatching the game but I do remember the Wheeler hit and it definitely wasnt a legal hit, he smashed Gabbert right in the jaw and I expect he will be fined.
  7. 2 things 1. Wish these videos were like 20minutes long, love the passion Quinn has when he talks about football. 2. I hope the next reporter to ask Quinn "What is the most surprising thing to you about Julio Jones?" gets the stone cold stunner from Quinn.
  8. Pure awesomeness man!! Hopefully theyll show it on tv for us viewing at home :-)
  9. Yah ive been really enjoying these, especially the dallas one, I dont know why nfl.com stopped doing their preview videos, I always enjoyed them
  10. Appreciate ya doing this aswell, also nice to see a good poster won, congrats spongedad
  11. Props to Freeman, last time we had a running back rush for over 140yrds was Week 17 of the 2011 season, Michael Turner for 172.
  12. Always love Quinn's press conferences, that animated tipping of the cap was funny. I wonder if since he is apparently active on social media if he's seen how much the fans hated the tipping of the cap and did that on purpose lol
  13. Heath Evans is an idiot, pretty sure in his one video with Willie McGinest he was saying Dan Quinn came from the Cardinals.
  14. Thanks, can't to see what Beasley does against Smith. Also figured I'd just post this article from atlantafalcons.com in here since it's pretty similar. Beasley Learning By Facing the BestPosted 5 hours ago Andrew Hirsh atlantafalcons.com Twitter Vic Beasley Jr.'s introduction to the NFL, which includes facing some of the sport's best offensive lineman, has been a baptism by fire. And that's a good thing. Although it might not be evident in the box score, Falcons newcomer Vic Beasley, Jr. has been highly effective in his first two regular season games. Based on the tape, he’s done a g
  15. I'm interested to see if we have some kind of trick play brewing with that quick slant to Julio to that we ran twice last night, the one where Ryan tosses it sidearm. Just seems like a play intended to catch a future team off guard, fake the pass to Julio and go for a deep ball or something.
  16. Well considering the Eagles ranked 5th in PPG with 29.6 and we ranked 8th with 23.8, while also considering we ranked 6th worst in PPG allowed with 26.1 and the Eagles ranked 10th worst with 25, I can easily see why the line is set so high. Now with that said, I don't think this game is going to be as much of a shootout as everyone is thinking. I mean I know it's preseason but our defense has looked **** good compared to recent years, and maybe it's the diehard Falcon fan in me but I think if our O-Line comes to play Monday night, we **** on the Eagles.
  17. You've got to be kidding me, if true, he needs to be cut immediately.
  18. I imagine Smitty is doing a great number of things with his time off, and each thing he does, he is accompanied by his notepad.
  19. Grady Jarrett is....officially signed. Grady Jarrett - DL - Falcons Falcons signed fifth-round DT Grady Jarrett to a four-year, $2.527 million contract. One of the biggest mysteries of the draft was Jarrett's fall into the fifth round, where Atlanta aggressively traded up to select him. Jarrett should immediately push for snaps on the interior of Dan Quinn's defensive line. Jarrett has versatility with an ability to shoot gaps and plug the run.
  20. Hopefully it's nothing serious. That would be a horrible way to start his career.
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